Top of the Line

Dress- c/o Kiki La'Rue
Headband and necklace- F21
Shoes- Betsey Johnson (similar)
Watch- Fossil (similar)

Just when the sun starts to sink low is my favorite to shoot.
I'm completely obsessed with back lighting, sun flares and the imperfect blur from the sunlight. 
I love photos that feel warm. 
Whether is is 100 degrees or 4. 
Warmth is something I am always attracted to. 
A warm climate, a warm smile and a warm heart will get me through this life.





This is officially my last week of summer. 
Back to school next week. Wish me luck in my final semester!

Are you going to school this fall?
Let's chat first-day-of-class-outfits!


Lieke said...

Cute outfit!!! As for your question... I work so no first day od school ;) but 3 weeks left and then I finally have my summmer holiday!

Erin said...

You're gorgeous! And beautiful photos :) No school for me.... finished my master's in 2010 and I'm preeettty sure I'm done ;)

Erin said...

You are adorable! I love the pictures and the bike necklace. So cute.

Michelle said...

Very cute!

Charlene said...

This is one of my favorites!

Holly said...

Looking adorable as usual :) Love photography like that. Good luck in your final semester, smarty pants!

Ashley said...

So school starts tomorrow? So exciting!! i just know you'll do great. and this outfit is so stunning!

Bon Bon said...

back to schoooooooool?! nooooo, you are too cool for school, especially in that hot little striped number! xoxo

Young and Fabulous said...

GORRRRRRRGEOUS my little love. I love that last pic u look so mysterious like 'oo la la commeeee to me'

hope you are having a good week back at school!!!!! im about to text u and find out but i see its 845 my time which meanss.....you are prolly still in a sweet little slumber. I suppose I can wait a few hours haha


Anonymous said...

Cute outfit! I'm actually fairly excited to be heading back to school soon :)

Lexi said...

Good luck! And I love the dress -- stripes get me every time!
♡ Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

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