Weekend Rundown



This weekend was non stop action for this girl. Let me break it down for ya:

I waited and waited to see if I was going to be called in to work...
As I waited my Katie friend and I decided to try out a new restaurant: Beignets.
A really cool urban creperie. We each tried a crepe and then shared a blueberry one for dessert.

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I was in absolute heaven. And then sugar shock. But mostly heaven.
Bags were packed and ready to hit the road with Miss Shasta!
Unfortunately our trip to the tri cities took a liiiiiitle longer than expected because we missed our exit. Oops! That's what happens when you're caught up in girl talk!

It really only added on an extra 20 mins or so....
Finally, we made it to Ravens! We went to the store, grabbed some goodies and headed home to make dinner and get ready for the races on Saturday!

We had a lot of fun!
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Boat Races!!
Raven and Rob took out Taylor, Tays mom and sister, Me and Shasta for the festivities of the Boat Races.
6 girls + 1 Man= One happy dude! Rob (King of the Castle) was our captain. He definitely attracted some attention (And jealousy) with all the pretty ladies in the boat!

We hit the water and found an amazing little cove to swim and relax while we waited for the party to start.
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We had some loverboys swim over from their boat to check out the party. We did the nice thing and offered them jello shots





Thank you SO much Raven for having us all this weekend! It was the best time I've have in a WHILE!
Elise and Dave Wedding day!! I will show you a million and one pictures when when they are ready! I am completely OBSESSING over her wedding.

What did your weekend look like?
I hope you enjoy these crazy pictures. Yes... we are all as crazy as we look :)


Raven said...

omgomgomg the butt one....HA! it's ok, I will just print that out and put in on my fridge for INSPIRATION TO BE SKINNY BISHES like you two next year, because we ARE making this a yearly tradition, right??

So glad you were able to make it! Maybe next year you can stay Sunday as well. And I'm gonna have to steal of few of your pics for my blog post tomorrow also :)

SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!

Taylor said...

I freaking love love love the one of our backs!!!! you should have hd someone take it of all 4 of us!!!! well we will get tons this weekend!!

i am so glad you got to share our tradition with us! Had a freaking blast!

Many more to come now!!! You guys are officially "boat race certified"!!!!

Jamie said...

Looks like so much fun!

Robin said...

Looks like the greatest weekend ever! Those first pictures looked so delicious I could die. Love the crazy pics of you all together!

Unknown said...

looks and sounds like such a fun weekend. love your blog!


Bre said...

So jealous! Sounds like Raven might have overdone it a little by her claims that she is still dying from Saturday/Sunday. LOL!

Ashley said...

oh my gosh you WERE a busy little muffin this weekend. i LOVED all these pics on instagram - you girls are too cute!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun!! I love the boat party pictures & the ones in your kitchen :) You guys are adorable!

Anonymous said...

*tear* I miss you girls!

You and Raven took such great pics. I hardly took any (and remember I had a BRAND NEW AMAZE camera with me) I am totally kicking myself for not taking more photos!!!

Honestly I do not think that we could have crammed any more fun into one weekend as this one was EPIC!

Loves ya!

Rissy said...


I have nothing else to say


Anonymous said...

Ummm....Beignets is amazing! It might be my new fav restaurant! Who doesn't love warm puff pastries covered in powdered sugar and drizzled with nutella? Sugar heaven is right. :)
Looks like you ladies had a fun weekend! Found you through Raven!
Have a great rest of the week!

Brooke said...

Looks so fun! Lakin' it up!


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