Weekend Rundown

Floating the river is one of my all time favorite summer time activities. It really combines everything I love: sunshine, water, friends and sweet tea vodka :)

I am blogging from my phone today... Sorry if the layout is funky.

What did your weekend look like?
Can you float a river where you live?

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Happy Monday!


Stesha said...

what a fun weekend!! love instgram!


arianapia said...

the kid sized bunk bed is awesome! i love that you guys crawled into at the store! hahaha

what an awesome weekend! I think I need to get to a floating lake for sure! :)

Anonymous said...

We do not float a river here, but it sounds SO fun. I'm dying to do it. Btw-love the mini bunk beds. Please buy them.

Amber said...

Love your weekend rundown! Looks and sounds like you had a great one.

PS I am hosting a giveaway on my blog. I'd love for you to stop by and check it out.


Hayley Perkins said...

Can you do a post on how you curl your hair?! I love it!!!!!

jessica said...

you are so funny, giirl!

Anonymous said...

Nice hair on the first pic!
You're so lucky you got to spend a weekend floating the river!!

Young and Fabulous said...

i just love my pretty friend

i am dying to do river floating!!!!!!! we dont have that around here :-( BUT we do have sweet tea vodka...some is in my fridge as we speak muahaha!

my weekend consisted of beach, booze, and six flags!!

love that pic of you in the little floaty. AND the bunk beds. what a cutie PATOOTIE!

cant wait to snug u!!!!!


californiadreamin said...

Look at you sporting your Stella & Dot!!! You are adorable!

californiadreamin said...

Look at you sporting your Stella & Dot!!! You are adorable!

Ashley said...

you have the best weekends!! there's a whole big thing here called "shooting the hootch" which takes place on the chattahootchie river here and people sit in tubes and drink and float...iv'e never been but i want to!!

The Shaw Shack said...

you are just adorable! I love the puddlejumper picture! We don't have a river, but we do have a lake! And I am there every. single. weekend. Whether on the boat, stand up paddle board, or just floating on a raft. It's like a mini vacation! By the way, thanks for following me on instagram! (@brodiddly) :)


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