Weekend Rundown

This weekend was a little crazy in my city.

 If you remember my post from last year... I was walking around slinging hot dogs.
Needless to say, I did volunteer for that job again.
This year I stayed far far away from the crowds and the sweaty people.

I did have to work all weekend, but I had some fun too. Spent some time with my brother and his fiance, painted my nails like America and maybe had a few drinks.

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1. Finally! Summer has started!
2. Arm party with the girls. 
3. Birthday girl Nicole!
4. Caity friend. Pretty huh?

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1. America.
2. Beer Paddles. I made some poor decisions. Case in point: Snarling Badger. Why?!
3. Brooke. My paddle partner. 
4. An outfit for a cool rainy night. 

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A Sunday working 12 hours. Yikes... but ya know what? It was totally work it.
You know what Honey Boo Boo Child would say, right?
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What did your weekend look like?


Stesha said...

what a fun weekend! Mine consisted of babseball, rain, and fun!! Happy July!


Melissa said...

Ugh. Just tried Snarling Badger this weekend. Ick.

Lindsey said...

Where do you work? Working on the weekends is unconstitutional. I love your nails!

Unknown said...

love the nails! hope you get to enjoy the fourth!

Because Shanna Said So said...

Loving the nails and the drinky-poos!!! Sorry you had to work! Hope you have Wednesday off!!
Happy week and happy 4th!!

Allyson McGuire said...

Looks like a great weekend! Your nails are too cute!

Unknown said...

Oh man. I worked at Hoopfest a couple of years ago selling prime rib sandwiches. Crazy how many people flood the city. I stayed away this year. It wasn't exactly the most appropriate place to take my new baby. :)

Raven said...

Did we have a discussion about that tattoo on your side?! I'm missing something. We talked about it at the pool that one day but I thought you had that one on your ankle. What is going on?

I wanna join the arm party.

Erin said...

Those America nails are ROCKIN! I have a coral/orange/red color going right now, but I think I may need to grab some blue sparkles tonight for some fun!!! Thanks for the idea :)

Amy Willingham said...

love the arm party so cute!!!

ur so stinking adorbs!!

Taylor said...

HONEY BOO BOO CHILD!!!!!!!!!!! agh!! and hoopfest was awesome except for the rain then heat then clouds then some heat and clouds...but thank goodness I still got a sunburn from it all!!! bring on the tan lines!!!

Young and Fabulous said...

ohhh loverrrrrrr i love that pic of all of y'alls bracelets!!!

your weekends always look so fun packed and amazing...loving the nails. AND that cutesy face in the last pic...BOO to workingggggg just quit and come to boston and we can bake brownies and sell them on the streets. Capeesh!?


Rissy said...

bahahahaha honey boo boo child ... dying

I do in fact remember what hoopfest is from your post last year... oh creepy creepster I am...


Ashley said...

i LOOOOVE your arm party (i'm a bangle fanatic) and your america nails! oh and i'm currently on the hunt for the perfect boho headband....you've inspired me!! hope you have a great weekend muffin!

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