I'll Bring the Music.

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Don't you agree? 
Today is also a good day to play awesome music.
So... this is what I am bringing you. 

An hour playlist to make your little heart flutter. 
I find my self channeling my inner Celine Dion when these songs come on. 
Take an hour, take a drive and enjoy this little ditty. 

Ummm... have I really listened to that song 1,305 times?!
That is semi-disturbing. 

Happy Tuesday! 


arianapia said...

love imagine dragons! that looks like a kick ass play list! don't mind if i do... :)

Raven said...

bring this for the boat! :)

Allyson McGuire said...

I love the quote at the top!

Bre said...

LOL! That 1305 plays was the one that caught my eye too.

Bre said...

LOL! That 1305 plays was the one that caught my eye too.

Julye said...

very nice playlist !! have a nice day ;)

Young and Fabulous said...

DL-ing these songs!!

1305 songs HAHAH!! omgosh sabby i have to listen to that song

my most played song is "Coast of Carolina" by jimmy buttet...about 900 times!


Rissy said...

I just re-created this playlist on spotify and named it Sabs (duh) Thank you!


Miss Chelsea said...

I am listening to that Colbie Caillet song for the first time now after reading this... I love it!

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