Weekend Rundown

For this Weekend Rundown I have a very special announcement:


I will be here! 
San Francisco. 
The Rice-a-Roni City.
I'm pretty sure that's their official slogan. 
Or maybe it's
The Cable Car Town
Damn Near Wine Country
Beautiful in Every Way
Makes You Want to Leave Everything and Move City. 

Yeah... I think that's it.

While I'm gone... I have prepared a few videos for you. One... a link up with Raven and Becky

And the other... a $20 Makeup Challenge. Pretty exciting. And Awkward. 
But more so awkward so, I think you'll like it. Or laugh at it.... either way at least you're here! 
And for that, dear friends, I thank you.

How was your weekend? 

**I will have limited cell service the next few days so I may not be as 'socially active' as I usually am... 
*** Socially Active  sounds naughty... doesn't it? 
**** Happy Monday. 


Punky J said...

Yay! I love SF... I will most likely be there next week to hook up with some lovely bloggy friends plus my bff who currently lives there. I hope you have the best time !

angie said...

have an amazing time! looking forward to the little treats you have in store for us!

Amy said...

Have a blast! Can't wait to see the pics.

Erin said...

You forgot "Full House" city. Have so much fun, I've always wanted to go there!

Erin said...

You forgot "Full House" city. Have so much fun, I've always wanted to go there!

Courtney said...

How fun! I was to go to that city so badly. Have a blast!

Lizzy said...

That's so close to me!!! I live up in Sonoma! It's been beautiful here too! Bring your shorts!

Elizabeth McMullen said...

Love that city.
Used to live there.

Ashley said...

so excited for you muffin!! hope you're having fun in SF!

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