Weekend Rundown


Here are all of the things I should have captured via iphone photos this weekend:

+The MOST INCREDIBLE salad my chef made me with the avocado I brought back from Seattle.
It had layers of flavor...

+The 26 (or 7) fresh squeezed limes used to make the tastiest (and the strongest) margarita
+Me playing volleyball
+The tasty BLTs that we built with my avocados from Seattle...YUM. 
+The beautiful weekend that was supposed to be rainy
+How I broke my bed
+The beginning of the redecoration process of my dressing room
+ The Lovely salad Katie created for me and delivered at work
+The substitution to dance squad-Watching the HBO show "Girls" (Anyone else watch that?)
+Ending the Weekend in a Lush face mask. I looked hot. 

Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of hardly ANYTHING. I know, I know... what I have I done with the real Sabrina? I promise.. I'll be back in full swing tomorrow. 

Here are a few of the pictures I did take. 

I've got the first outfit post that goes along with your theme song suggestions for tomorrow!
First up, 


Samantha said...

In love with your sunglasses! And for some reason all of my comments have been going to everyones spam folder... promise i'm a real person / not a spambot!

Young and Fabulous said...

AHHH fresh squeezed margaritas are MY FAVORITEEE!!!!

avocados are so IN right now. In my cafeteria at work they have like 4 different avocado infused meals..and there is a new avocado sub at subway...and i ate a whole avocado this weekend. NOM

remember to be awesome. I want that hung in my house! you are awesome. I am awesome (i think) and life is awesome

cannot wait to see the theme song outfit!!


Raven said...

sounds like you ate a lot of good food this weekend! I LOVE avocados, LOVE them.

and I need to know how you broke your bed.

Vickie said...

i just watched an episode of girls the other day. hilarious. i love it. haha xoxo vickie

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