No, I'm not referring to my drinking habits.
Lush is an all natural cosmetics store.
I have been slightly obsessed with this place ever since I made my first visit a few months ago!

Here is a review on some of the products I have been loving.

Have you tried any Lush products?
What are your favorites?
Is there anything else that I absolutely must have?!


Anonymous said...

I love their Dark Angels cleanser for my oily skin and The Comforter Bubble Bar

Kate said...

You're adorbs. You remind me of some actress, but I can't place it yet. It will come to me. I also really love your hair. Haven't tried any Lush products - yet. Thanks for sharing the items you love!

Young and Fabulous said...

omg LUSH i love it!!

my mom first got something and i legit thought it was a mini ice cream carton hahah


Whim Wham Life said...

YES to all things LUSH! Hopelessly addicted to their bath bombs:-) xoxo

Raquel said...

I looove Lush!! I've been using their products for years and years and years! I specially love their solid lotions and their bath bombs :)

Rissy said...

I would like to be best friends. Are you accepting applications? I'll warn you... I'm 1000x meaner than you... no question. But hey I can be mean to people for you so that's a plus... ok I'll save the rest of this for my official application.

I have no skin care routine. My mom has been warning me for years that EVENTUALLY it will catch up with me... and then I'll cry (I said that... she didnt)

You look beautimous per usual and all those products sound kind of yummy.

K that's all byeeeeee


Sami said...

Omgosh I am a Lush fanatic!! I use Herbalism and I really like it too! Next time you are there you should get Sexy Peel soap.. it smells so amazing!! :)

Chelsea said...

I love LUSH and actually just did a review on my own haul. I've only been there once and was pretty overwhelmed the first time so now I have some new recommendations from you to try!! I think I might have to get a face mask. Mmmm :)

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