Recently my girls and I have been tagging #YOLO like there is no tomorrow.
Honestly... for about 6 months I have been wondering what the hell YOLO means...
but now, thanks to
and Shay.... 
I know.

And BOY do I love it. I love it SO much that I want to redecorate my dressing room based on the theme.

I was reading Made By Girl on Friday and I absolutely fell in love with the designer she featured.

I was lucky enough to win a Cocoa and Hearts painting from a blogger giveaway and I adore it! It would fit perfectly with this design, don't you think?



I love the idea of a patterned ceiling. I would just stare at it all day long.


Thank you Jen for introducing me to Emily Maghannam designs! 


Young and Fabulous said...

i love our YOLO-ness and i LOVE this design!!!!

patterned ceilings!! HOW ADORABLE!

ok if you havent, check out the blogger ColorMeKatie.com. OMG she makes me want to redesign my entire life


Christine Rosko said...

I love these the first and second decor inspirations are my faves.


jessica said...

you only live once, that's the motto, n--eh playa, YOLO! love that song. had a girls weekend this past weekend and that all we said all weekend long.

this room is effing tight! i need that sign and white shag rug, like yesterday!
fun post.

Erin said...

That ceiling amazes me.

Erin said...

That ceiling amazes me.

Rebeka said...

I was totally wondering what #YOLO meant too. Now that you've enlightened me, I love it! Thank you!

Ashley said...

I love this post even EXTRA today! Because YOLO is awesome...and so are all you girls!!!

And you have a dressing room?! So fancy Sabs!!

Emily said...

oh thank the Lord you did this post because I have been one of those "WTH" does YOLO mean?! haha so glad to know you only live once! Love all these decor ideas

Rissy said...


If my room looked like that I'd never leave


Michaela said...

I love this saying, love this room and adore Jen's paintings :) So beautiful. That ceiling is amazing.

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