Weekend Rundown


This weekend hasn't been much of a weekend. If you work in the service industry you probably feel the same way. Most holidays you can pretty much guarantee I'll be working. Trust me, no complaints here. I love making that dollah.

And I always find little ways to make even a non-weekend into something pretty spectacular.

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1. My favorite Queen shirt, Asymmetrical Skirt and my new shoes. I sort of felt like a rock star. 
2.Glitter blasting my life.
3. Neon nails can always brighten a gloomy day.
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1. Dancing.
2. Cinderella lost her shoe outside of the cluuuuub. 
3. Functional and sweet. 
4. Straight up delicious. 
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1. Benedict. Ummm YUM. 
2. Katie and her adorable hat and sweater. 
3. Mimosa time! 

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1. Hilarious read. 
2. Popsicle on a hot day, can't think of anything better! 
(maybe a margarita and some hot eye candy...)

On another note... I am now accepting Sponsors!
I will post details tomorrow, until then... if you have questions or are interested...

Happy Memorial Day! 


Melissa said...

Do they make margarita popsicles? I'm pretty sure THAT would be the best.

Rissy said...

Your weekend kicked my weekend's butt! And I want an asymmetrical skirt so bad but they look horrendous on me! jealous


ashley said...

Looks like a great weekend. Now I want a mimosa!

xo Ashley

Ashley said...

So i totally left this long meaningful post on your "Even if it breaks your heart" post and then my stupid iphone wouldn't scroll down to the "publish" button! ugh. but trust me...it was meaningful and basically talked about how awesome and gorgeous you are!!!

But HERE I want to talk about how I am dying to come visit and have a Sabrina-Says-filled weekend like this where we can glitter spray everything!

Muah!! Love you muffin!

Anonymous said...

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