Weekend Rundown

This is what my weekend looked like

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Well... for the most part....

Besides looking like a complete psycho, I rode my bike, worked, spent some quality time with my family...

and was asked to be a brides maid in my brother's wedding!! 

I'm SO excited. The last time I was a bridesmaid this is what happened.
Cool, huh?

I really didnt' take that many pictures... but I DID watch The Bachelorette! 
Wanna know my thoughts on that?

Emily? My FAVORITE. 
Absolute Favorite. 

Okay, so she's 26... and a single mom and SO amazing. 
Who wouldn't want to have babies with her? 
I want to have babies with her. 
Okay that's weird... but she is incredible. 

So about the men....


I'm pretty happy with this selection. 
I actually need to go get my hair done so I can go gossip about these boys.

I am so lucky I have Mondays off.... Guaranteed bachelorette viewing party. 
East Coasters!! Don't ruin this for me!

Today is going to be filled with Tons of laundry and finally reading The Blogess' book!
I started yesterday while laying out and was busting up!
Have you read any good books lately? 
I'm looking for some good reads for summer!

Happy Monday Tuesday!!


Alyssa said...

I've heard such great things about The Blogess' book!! I am dying to check it out!

Virginia said...

I haven't watched the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows since...I can't even remember. I watched the first episode with Emily and I can't wait for more! I would love to make out or marry most of the guys in the selection, but a few made me want to vomit...like that "life is about moments that take your breath away" part...yea, I would have shoved him back in the limo. haha I can't wait for the next show!

Jesslyn Amber said...

Sounds like an awesome weekednd! I need to look into this book! :)

And I like Emily too! They have some cuteeeee guys on there this time! :)

Young and Fabulous said...

YAY BRIDESMAID!!! so exciting! :-)

i want to have babies with her too...i haevnt watched yet...DVR! ITTTTCHING TO!!

omg the bloggess book must be hilar. Please let me know how it is!!

eee! love you boo

Stesha said...

sounds like an awesome weekend! I wanna know more about this book!!! and i missed the bachelorette last night....catching up tonight for sure!


Ashley said...

yeah buddy - bridesmaid!!! so.much.fun!

and yessssss Emily is the best. Totally my fav and so happy they finally decided to pick her. You are WAY more optimistic about the guys though than I am. I was impressed with about one and a half of them!

eeeeee wish we could all have one big bachy slumber partay!

Punky J said...

Jenny Lawson is a riot. I'm currently reading her book too and am just in awe of her brilliance and her humor. So inspiring to see a blogger produce a New York Times Best Seller. Definitely makes me wake up every morning feeling like I could invade the universe if I really worked hard enough. Anyway, yay Sabrina! I'm so glad to have found your blog. It's nice to have a new and pretty face in my blog feed :)

Punky J said...

oh and ps. Emily is awesome. Love.that.girl. However, I'm kind of disappointed with this round of men?? They are all kind weird, I feel. Tho I DO like Jef one F! And Ryan I think it is... the one with the "you are so beautiful/I'm so nervous note"... that pretty much won me over right away.

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