Little Bit of Heaven With a Wild Side.

"Wanna get dolled up and come take pictures with me?"

If you say yes you are automatically my friend. 
I am a photo freak. Whether it's on my iphone, my cannon or my cute little Holga I am constantly snapping pictures.
(And recording video)

I really wanted some pictures with my bike and a friend agreed to take them for me
(Figuring it might be hard to do the self photos on this one)
I asked my adorable friend Caroline to join.
Great style, GREAT shoes and really just brought the funk to the photo shoot. 









This weekend is going to be CRAZY busy at my restaurant. 
Graduation + Mother's Day = everyone running their cute little butts off. 

Ohhh Boy. 

I plan on spending some time with my brother and future sister in-law
Adorable, right?

And having brunch with my family on Sunday. 
Everything in between... work.work.work.work.

You get the point. 

What do you have planned for this weekend?
Mother's Day?
Please share :)


jessica said...

great photos.

i love your friend caroline's lacy shorts underneath her dress! those are so so cute and sexy. i love. i must know where to get me some!

have a wonderful weekend. the fam and i are headed to hot springs this weekend. should be a good time.

Ashley Slater said...

sabrina you are beautiful! and I always love your photos! so awesome!

Punky J said...

Hello Ms. Sabrina--found you through the lovely lady who has commented above--yup the one and only ASHLEY JPS (what whattttt) and um I think you're pretty flipping cool. I may or may not have watched a few of your youtube vids and thought, "hmm. i like her. and she totally does look like kanye west. cray." So. I thought maybe you'd like to know! I hope we can hang out on Twitter sometime or something. That would just be super!

JackieShoemaker said...

I love your photography, and I like how you two took pictures with your bike..very creative!

Erika @ rouge + whimsy said...

ummmm so do you live in seattle? i just found your blog...

enna. said...

Man, you are a tease with Caroline's shoes. Show 'em!

Cute idea for a shoot, though.

Unknown said...

This is so precious! I love the photoshoot y'all did! Came out great!

Raven said...

I love you.

Jill said...

These photos are just GORGEOUS, you my friend are gorgeous and so is your friend! LOVE!

Lauren said...

I'm in love with your bike!

Love the pictures!


Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

Love all the pics! Looks so fun!

Emily said...

Love these! That blue dress is amazing on you, and youre right your friend has great style!

Unknown said...

gorgeous both of you!
and oh that bike, swoon.

his little lady said...

yay, that spaceneedle is making me so happy right about now!
and i really need to get myself a cute bike! these photos are absolutely adorable!!!
xo TJ

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