Weekend Rundown


This weekend was filled with sunshine, volleyball, friends and family. We had a few perfect days for riding my bike and enjoying the sunshine before I had to work. 
My friend Phil had a going away party on Friday night. 
It was so good to see that boy before he ships out!
Tequila, fireball and pint glasses of vodka made for one hell-of-a-night. 
Plus I made a new friend... Kris Crocker
You should follow her if you're interested in Spokane weather :)

Volleyball, Sunshine and goofing off with Brooke.

Spending time with my niece is one of my favorite things!
A spring time outfit. 
Super Sprinkled Cookie. SCORE!

Yes my life revolves around food. Don't judge. 

Just Dance Party with Brooke and Katie. These are just screen shots from a video...

Milk Shakes For Breakfast. 
We danced all night, we deserved it. 

What did your weekend look like?
I have an outfit post and Ghost of Boyfriends Past for you this week!
I'm excited. 


Rissy said...

Eeekkkk ghosts of bfs past!
Please text that dance video. I wanna see lol

Rissy said...

Eeekkkk ghosts of bfs past!
Please text that dance video. I wanna see lol

Ayuni said...

Ghost of girlfriend past, I love it!

Stephanie said...

Seriously. Stop being SO cute!!

Rebecca said...

haha i always did that with balloons when i was little

Anonymous said...

Ghosts of BF's past is my fave! Can't wait for it! Btw, what do you use for your picture collages? I'm on the lookout for a new one since Photobucket got rid of theirs. Thanks lady!

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