Weekend Rundown

Sometimes life just calls for adventure. Something out of the ordinary and unexpected.
The only answer you should have in your mind is:
YES. I'm IN. 
One of my most favorite memories EVER was a little road trip that I took with a friend for her birthday.
We went to see Hairspray and didn't get out of the movie until about midnight.
On our drive back home, we decided that we were going to drive to Seattle that night!
So at about 2 am we hit the road, loaded with redbull and the excitement of adventure at our fingertips.

Highlights of the trip:
We watched the sunrise.
We got to catch fish at the market.
I held a snake.
Her car overheated in the 85 degree weather while stuck in traffic!

Sometimes when an idea sounds crazy... you just need to be crazy enough to say yes. I was in a yes state of mind this weekend. And it was SO worth it.

Pictures from that little road trip (I was so young!)

I had the BIGGEST crush on that guy on the left. ohhhhh boy.




Do what makes you happy.

1,2,3: Love. Love. Love.
4,5,6: Tosh, Tan, Travel.
7,8,9: Booze, Shoes, Moo(s)

Had a really great conversation with Molly the other day and it really made me miss her. 
All the way across the country really isn't working for me. 
Think about moving, please!


Young and Fabulous said...

i literally love your life

i love random nauseous trips like this! makes life just THAT much more awesome!

WHEN IS AUSTIN!?!?! i wanna go!!

miss you sweet lover of mine! but....see you in like....5 months!! EEEK!


Nobody said...

Totally agree.. will be sharing a similar story as a guest post soon! But, random road trips are always the best!

Raven said...

you know, you can come to my house and hold a snake ANY DAY of the week if you want...

Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

True that!! LOVE those moments and your pics!!

Lindsey said...

Omg you do look so young! I want to go catch fish!! I am jealous of that. And that sandwich? I need that too.

Ashley Slater said...

i see oakland!!!!!!!! oh pleaseeeeee come see me!! come here when shay is out here!

Whim Wham Life said...

a yes state of mind is a fun thing to be in:-) opens up a whole new world of possibilities! AND what is all this traveling you're doing?! saying yes to life?! xoxo

Cori H. said...

Pretty pictures! Spontaneous trips are the best!

My-cliffnotes said...

Love Seattle, our weather was amazing this last weekend for sure, and why is the forecast rain this week? Not cool.


Taylor said...

This makes me want to cry!!

i miss home.

Glad you love Pike's! I used to live walking distance from there and it was magical! Your hair is so adorable in those pics as well!!! holy crap girl! you can pull off any style!!

gorgeous bia!

Ashley said...

Your posts literally always put me in a good mood! Did you have short hair missy?! Yo can seriously rock any look - I love it!!

And I have been scoping out airfare prices to everyone's neck of the woods - I miss ya'll!!!!


Rissy said...

YOU think about moving! The East Coast wants you!

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