Weekend Rundown


It's Noon and I already have so much accomplished. 
If you count making coffee and blogging and accomplishment.
Don't judge me. 
Oh I also downloaded the new Justin Beiber song. 
Swag.. swag...

Here's a look into my weekend(and surrounding days):

1. Nice enough to wear these pretties
2 &3. Lunch with a fabulous friend
4,5&6. OOTDs Girly girly girly.
7. Kiss me Coral lips-Revlon One of my favorites!
8. Weekend tradition- Italia Trattoria
9. Taking up painting? We'll see how long that lasts. 

What did your weekend look like?

I am so excited to share a little video with you all! It will be premiering on Wednesday! So come back!
Who is in it? Dream Team:
and ME!

Remember THIS video? Well it's going to be a million times better :)

I cannot WAIT to share this with you all! Get excited!


Beth said...

I'm excited!

choose to be happy blog said...

you are so cute :) i want your wardrobe! SO excited for Wed - thank you again for editing!! best.video.eveeeer

Megan said...

you are the cutest thing ever.

Whim Wham Life said...

ahhhh, can't wait to see what the dream team has cooked up:-) I'm not even gonna tell you what I've accomplished today...you'll be incredibly amazed...but my outfit isn't half-as-cute as your #4/5/6, so, you win! you always do! xoxo

Liesl said...

That lunch sandwich looks delsih and what a pretty lip color from Revlon! :)

Young and Fabulous said...


cant wait

justin beibers new song...i assume Boyfriend? MAKES. ME. JAM

angie said...

ah super cute outfits!

j said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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