Travel Tips

I thought I would put together a little list of Do's when you're traveling. Maybe some things are obvious... but others... you just can't plan for!

1. Create a list of the absolute essentials before you begin packing:
Toothbrush, underwear, bathingsuits, 5 inch wedges. 
2. Stick to that list.
Some how my bag weighed 43 lbs. yikes!
3. Make sure you have a reliable ride to the airport.
Leaving your car at the airport can cost up to $10 a day!
Good thing my buddy made a huge deal out of this being a huge favor.
That's a whole 'nother story, friends.
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4. On high traffic travel days (i.e. Friday's/ Spring Break) arrive an hour early
I ran barefoot and belt-less through terminals as I heard my name over the intercom:
"Last call for Sabrina to Jacksonville"
I know, I wish you could have been there too. 
5. Do not make eye contact with the chatty old lady who "just loves to travel... I've been everywhere"
Earbuds = Bestbuds. 
6. Make the Ultimate Playlist.
I will share mine with you tomorrow, do not fret. 
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7. Make Friends with flight attendants.
Apparently they bring you free drinks (Rissy aka the hotness)
DDHP and I can't even get nuts.

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11 pm and 68 degrees? LOVE. 

Today we are heading to the beach! Or shopping... Or Pipi Longstocking's house. I'm not exactly sure. But can I just tell you how great it is to be here? 
Sam is the sweetest little boy. 
Molly is.... She's just amazing. 
And Wayne? He does the dishes. How can you not love that?

So happy I get to spend the next week with them! 

Here's to sunshine, great friends and true happiness!


Young and Fabulous said...

hahah I LOVE THIS!

i can picture you running barefoot in the airport! I hope I can see this scene unfold in Boston..only youll be running barefoot to MEEE to give me a big old squeeze! :-)

that flight attendant pic...he looks fake!! he looks like a poster! haah but yes making friends with them is good. Kurt and I made friends with one on route home from florida. Amazingness

i hope you are having the best time ever! come back tan because so i can be jealous!!

men who do dishes=da bomb


Michelle (michabella) said...

Ohhhh my old stomping grounds!! Enjoy!!! If you make it over to the town center make sure you stop into Sweet! by Good Golly Miss Holly for some cupcakes!

Marci @ a smile a day said...

I got to the airport 2 hours early this past Saturday (which is normally plenty of time- especially at 7:30AM) but I guess the horrible weather combined with the start of spring break caused us to almost miss our flight. We were springing through the airport as well, it was nuts!!!

Rissy said...

ok let me clarify the flight attendant thing... my flight was delayed so I had two BIG bloody marys at an airport restaurant. By the time I got on my plane, I NEEDED someone to talk to. I chose the gay flight attendant. I was feeling GOOODDD when I got off the plane in New Orleans : )

I'll be needing that playlist ASAP because I leave in 10 days!!!!!!!!

I'm so glad you're in the same time zone as me ! please stay

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