Songs I Sing

Today is Friday. You know what that means. You can't take anything too seriously on Friday.
It's a rule.
At least on my blog, it is. 

So here's what you need to do:
a. Get ready to giggle 
(It's totally acceptable if the giggling is at me. I actually encourage it)
b. Try not to dance with me at the end of the video. I dare you
c. Do your own happy dance, it's FRIDAY!

What are your weekend plans?
 I am counting down the days until Florida! 


Jill said...

oh my, you are WAY too darn cute !! I LOVE this little video/songs you made! :)

I think you should try out for American Idol girl!

And btw, where in FL are you going to!? I live in FL!, by Ft Lauderdale!

So shay said...

Bahahaha you're too cute for words little muffin! I love that song and I love YOU! HAPPY FRIDAY LOVE! MUAH!

dottie said...

Sooo cute! You make a girl wanna learn to toca la guitarra.

Elizabeth McMullen said...

You are so FABOOSH! I wish I had the ballz to sing online!!!

Nhart said...

You are adorable and just made my monday morning

Holly said...

You are sooo adorable!
I love love love this!

Ashley said...

i love your voice friend! you are beautiful through and through!!! OXXO

Rissy said...

umm how appropriate is that first jam?

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