Minty Fresh

Watch- Fossil (similar), Jacket-F21 (similar), skirt (Similar), belt (Asos), necklace (similar), Shoes: Diesel (Similar)

The town I live in is funny. It's big... but it's small. 
There are so many people that are fascinated by me taking pictures of myself.

Bystander:"What are you taking pictures of?"
Bystander: "For what?"
Me:"My blog, SabrinaSaysBlog.com"
Bystander: "People actually look at this?"
Me: "Shit...  I hope so!"

Everyone has their opinions on blogs. 
For me, it's my creative outlet. 
blah blah blah. 
I know you hear all the time... but I need it. I love it. I enjoy it. 
It's a way for me to connect, to vent, to express the ups and downs of this life I live.
Some have found it interesting... Some have not. 
I appreciate all of the followers.
The non-followers.
The followers that act like they don't follow. 
I love you all equally.
I do. 

You are the reason I write. 
Take photos.
Share my thoughts.
Share my goals.
It's you. 
It is.

Yes, you. I kind of like you.
And I hope you kind of like me.




I really wanted to take a jumping picture! This is what I got....

Awkward man driving by THREE TIMES... so I waved...

....and then I danced....


Young and Fabulous said...

"The followers that act like they don't follow."

HAHAHA yes!!! so true!

i love you and your blog. From the first day i stumbled upon you (you were videoing yourself dancing in your bathroom to 'you be killin em' i was like damnnn homie), youve stayed true to yourself and always blogged from the heart! LOVE

i love that you waved to the driver hahah AND danced. Sheesh i just love ya to pieces!!

oh and are those robins egg blue colored shoes? DY-ING for a pair! i love your outfit!


Young and Fabulous said...

then i just realized the title Minty Fresh. They must be a minty green and im just colorblind

regardless theyre HOT! and I want em

Ashley said...

not just like...ADORE!.. and OMG i have a whole passle of "followers who dont really follow' haha- it's called my ex, his baby mama and his family....still amusing though!

love those minty fresh shoes - so spicy!

Kate said...

You are too awesome for words!

J and A said...

I loved that you waved! You are too cute. Love that shirt! You take great photos of yourself!

Courtney B said...

Your dress? I want. Your hotness? I want! (Creeper alert!)
Thank freakin' goodness for blogging. I love it!

arianapia said...

udderly adore this post!

you are so carefree and confident! share it up gurrrrrrllllll

get down with those minty fresh gorgeous shoes!

Gina said...

Oh you are so awesome :) I'm loving your minty heels--very cute for spring!

By the way your new header design is so amazing!!

xo, gina


ajs {of MN} said...

love blogging as my outlet as well! you are too cute :) LOL!

jessica said...

and this is why i'm glad i follow you. i love all your lively posts.

i love to blog. a lot of people who know me are blown away that i do blog...but it's fun so why not?

My-cliffnotes said...

Love your shoes, well actually all of your outfit.

Happy Wed!


Jenni@Story of My Life said...

Your boobs look nice in the jumping pictures.

Oops. :P

MacKensie said...

I'm not sure if I've ever actually commented before, but I just want you to know that I'm obsessed with your blog. You are gorgeous and hilarious and an inspiration for my blog as well. And I am a HUGE fan of Ghosts of Boyfriends Past. :)



Brittanie said...

And this post, Sabrina, is exactly why we love you! Love the wave, love the shoes, want the belt, love your blog!

Raquel said...

Seriously, ALL of your pictures turn out amazing. There's no such thing as an ugly or awkward picture of you!

Btw, amazing heels!

Katy said...

The minty green heels are super cute! All of your pictures are beautiful! I could never take a picture of myself...I would feel so awkward and I would also look ridiculous. I think it's amazing that you take all of those yourself!

Katie said...

You are the bees knees, love your blog!

Whim Wham Life said...

i kinda sorta like you...a little. just a little bit:-)

just kidding.

that awkward man driving by?

totally me.

I wish! xoxo

Rissy said...

can we be best friends?

and can I borrow that whole outfit? I mean that's what friends are for right? ; )

Danielle Annett said...

in love with those shoes! so pretty

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