Ghosts of Boyfriends Past: Second Place

Summer time in Spokane is Magical. The days are long, filled with trips to the lakes and patio beers. The nights, balmy and sweet.  There is something to be said about a cold drink on a warm night. It’s my most favorite thing about Spokane and it always seems to go by so fast.


When I had my first apartment by myself I thought I was pretty hot stuff. If I saw something (or some one) I liked, it was mine. In this case… it semi- backfired.

This is me, Hot Stuff. 

I frequented a bar, The Blue Spark, during this summer of independence. I flirted with bartenders to get stiff drinks (never free…wah?) I made friends with everyone that passed by and danced with the live music. I was a wild child, in the best sense.

One night, this tall, statuesque man caught my eye. No ring on finger, I decided to approach.
The-short-and-kind-of-awkward-friend snagged me before I could flash my ‘take-no-prisoners’ smile at my eye candy.

“Okay… You’re actually quite funny… But why do you keep reapplying chapstick?” I thought to myself.

He kept the conversation going as I tried to catch the eye of his cousin.  J* (name withheld) was in town from California for his cousins graduation. Law School.
Ding Ding Ding.
Also… they were celebrating his cousins’ recent engagement. Uhhhhh…. Damnit.

Fine. So I knew my chances with the cousin were out the window… but J was actually fun to talk to and bought me a beer.  (Is that all it takes??)

Later in the night he invited me to their family’s lake cabin for the weekend.
Unfortunately, I had to work the next day but decided to head out for a few hours to see what he was all about.

The next day I headed out to the lake to find the MOST BEAUTIFUL home equipped with a huge deck, fireplace, boats and a cooler full of beers.
Oh, hello beautiful.

I got along with everyone in the family. They were SO interested in me and my life. So sweet and kind. Telling me even if things don’t work out with J I was still invited in the summers to come on the boat.
It was a dream.

The hours passed and I had to leave for work.
I left. And he left home for Cali.

Now friends, I really built this up… right?
You would think this is a beginning to some sort of fairy tale.
Do you know me AT ALL?

Here’s where is gets good.

We plan a trip for me to fly to southern Cali to visit him for a few days.
Yes I plan to stay with him.
Yes I know what I big risk this was.

Luckily I had a back up plan
One of my best friends, Taylor, lived close. If need be, I could escape with her.

Foreshadowing, anyone??

I fly in to Cali.
Oh… You can’t pick me up from the airport?
Good start, buddy.

Taylor drops me off with J and he is SO tired from a long day at work we decide to just head home.
He asks me if I’m ready for bed.
Ummm. No.
I’m angry and wide awake.
So I stay up and watch TV. I end up falling asleep on the couch.

The next morning he gets “called in to work.” So I get to spend the day by myself.
Honestly this was probably the best day ever.
I explored the little shops around Redondo Beach, sat on a patio and drank coffee, tanned on the beach and went surfing with a local. Honestly… I didn’t want to hang out with J. My view on him changed completely.




That weekend, J actually tried to pass me off on one of his friends...so after that shady move, I planned my escape. (Of course I am making this sound WAY more dramatic than it actually was, mom )

We planned on meeting up with my friend Tay at some point and it worked out so I had J drop me off. Phew… that was easy! Oh wait… my luggage was still at his place.

Hmmm. Oh well.

Taylor is a guaranteed good time. Always happy, always smiling. Always.
As soon as I walked into the house I was greeted with a big hug and a margarita.
Exactly what I needed.

All conversation with J was through text at this point.
And it was pretty spiteful.
I’m not sure what flipped his switch.
Maybe it was the fact that I didn’t instantly climb into bed with him, or that I actually had a personality.

I know… I know…

All know is… he was a real dud. He isn’t even the one I wanted in the first place. So that’s what I get.

The moral here, because there is always a moral, never settle for second.
Second place is the first loser. 


Rebecca said...

yikes not a good guy! haha what a jerk! idk what goes through mens minds

walking dot photography said...

wowzahs...what a schmuck! I'm sorry for that not-so-fun experience, although the rest of the trip (the parts excluding him) seems like it was fun!

Young and Fabulous said...

oh em gee


you flew to cali to be there and see him and he went MIA? psshhh MEN! must have been because u didnt sleep with him that hot second. You were supposed to right? ;-) hahah kidding. Guys are pigs!

but hey you got a trip to cali out of it AND friend time AND margaritas!

you deserve THE WORLD! seriously

come check out the boston boys sometime. Oh waitttt u are!


So shay said...

I can't even think of anything to say right now because I'm laughing at Erica ^^^^^ "Douche Nozzle Freakazoid!" OMG THAT IS GREAT! :)

Maybe you need a Texan...or A Bostonian. Time will tell my love.

You're amazing and I hope you know that.

Love you with my all my ten fingers and ten toes plus infinity! xoxoxo

Bekah McDuffie said...

Wow, as much as i loved reading this story... It sucks that it actually happened to you! No fun!

The not coming to the airport thing to get you... ugh he was a d-bag from the start! They're born that way.

Molly S. said...

Yes he is an el loser from loserville. Who does that? Glad you still had a good time though :) Those boys have no idea what they are missing! For real though.

Rissy said...

would it be weird if I got "second place is the first loser" tattooed on me somewhere? ok dont answer that

It will however be my facebook status tomorrow... thanks ahead of time

you are soooo adventurous ... I love it. Even if the guy was a dud, its a good story

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