Weekend Rundown



1. Such a cute little Nerd
2. My hands are in love.
3. A little wine with dinner never hurt
4. New LuLu Lemons. Umm... Yeah. (Similar)
5. Rocked Pigtails at work. Pretty entertaining.
6. Shellac is still intact (For the most part)
7. I want to protest something
8. In the studio with Rachel and Hamilton Studios
9. Brilliant Ideas are in the making... Tee Shirt Ideas while getting snookified. 

All in all it was a great weekend! Work was crazy busy. A lot of couples decided to celebrate Valentines day early and dined at my restaurant on Saturday. I was running around like a crazy person but it proved to be worth it. 
That dolla make me holla, honey boo boo chiiiiild.

And yes, it took a lot of go go juice to keep this girl runnin. 

Sunday I had brunch at my most favorite neighborhood cafe, served by the most wonderful friends. 
Later they joined me at my restaurant. 
The service industry is such a fun community here in Spokane. 
Everyone knows everyone one way or another. 
And Oh, it is love. 

Now it is your turn!! I know this is the first week for the Link Up but I'm really excited! 
Input your info below and I will check out your Rundowns! 

Happy Monday Lovebugs! 
Ready for Valentine's Day?!


Ashley said...

Looks like a fun weekend! I really like that Lululemon print....but I'm feeling a little too...thick at the moment to try anything but black haha.

aislin said...

let's drool of philosophy products together. oh my goodness. it's like heaven in a bottle. i have a trillion pairs of black lu lus. time to spice it up? i'm thinking so.


J and A said...

Looks like a great weekend. I should have linked up. Darn. Next week. Love your lulus and pigtails! Totally pulled them off. Happy Monday!

choose to be happy blog said...

lets protect blogger taking away the google friend connect! yes. and make big signs with pink and glitter.

be afraid, be very afraid.

you are the cutest. :)

n8frog said...

Sounds like I missed out on Friday night... Snooky scares me... I wondered what that was a pic of... Good times :)

Alicia @ To Columbus and Beyond! said...

Good weekend! The pigtails look adorable... I'm dying to get a shellac, only because I'm a teachers and after one day my nails are totally effed anyways - I'd be a really good tester.

Ashley said...

you have the best weekends ever! you should come to Atlanta and protest something with me and Chelsea :) and i'm so excited for #8! you're a rockstar chica!!! MUAH!

Young and Fabulous said...

eeeeee studio studio studio!!!

i think i love you for making an Alanna reference. My special juice is gonna help me win (picture me slapping my chest with my hands like her as i type this)

is it so weird ive never heard of it pronounced as LuLu Lemons until I just read this??? I thought it was LULEMON!! (in a french-ish accent haha)


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