Look Alike

Do you have a look alike? Some one that friends, family or complete strangers think looks like you?
There are a few that I get depending on how I wear my hair, do my make up or clothing choice. 
More than anything it get Lucia Moniz
Most notably from the movie Love, Actually:



What do you think? Do you see it?
Next.. my former boss' wife used to say that I looked like Eva Mendes.

Do you think Ryan Gossling would get us mixed up? 
I wouldn't hate that at all.

Next is a bit of a stretch. Katherine McPhee. She is from American Idol and now on the new show SMASH (Which I love). 
I'm not sure I see it... but Taylor and her man are dead set. 
There was one more... a comment from Olga on my last post
She said I look a little bit like Camilla Belle... 

So I tried to find a picture that would match one of mine... But no. 
She is just out of this world gorgeous.
Not to say any of the others are less beautiful. But Camilla doesn't pose like me...
and that's half of it :)

So what do you think? 
Who are your look alikes? 
Do you think mine are accurate or faaaaar off? 

Happy Just-Another-Tuesday!


Chelsea said...

I can definitely see it! Especially with Lucia! I always think it's so interesting to find out who people think I look like! :)

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I think you look more like Lucia! I have no idea who people say I look like.

T&S said...

I see it! and you are gorgeous!

I really do not have a look-alike...unless you count Pocahontas in the Disney movie. :)

XO Lourdes

Alicia @ To Columbus and Beyond! said...

Wow. I totally see it with Lucia. I had someone say I have the same face as Heather Locklear - which 1. I don't see AT ALL and 2. I don't know whether I should take that as compliment or not considering she looks a little worn out.

But they say everyone out there has a twin, luckily yours is famous.

xoxo alicia

Jenni Austria Germany said...

lucia, for sure!

arianapia said...

really i'd be lucky to look like any of those actresses but lucia all the way for you! and how close with all your poses, such a model! :)

the scone comparison with lucia is SPOT ON gurl!

Pink and Green Mom said...

You remind me of Gina Carano actually... pic of her:http://www.zimbio.com/photos/Gina+Carano/Cinema+Society+BlackBerry+Bold+Host+Screening/nir1Wc-PFTe

Shayna @ The Fancy Yancey said...

I can see it in all of these pictures! People have always told me that I look like Sandra Bullock! I'll take it! :)


Young and Fabulous said...

wow i litereally see ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!

esp the love actually one and kathrine mcphee! SMASH...excelllennnnnttt show!

ive gotten ann hathaway from literally 10,000 people. I dont see it really. My mom is convinced!

yours are very accurate!

happy VALENTINES DAY sweeet thang!! will you be mine?


.________. WHALE you be mine :)


Michaela said...

I think you look A LOT like Jana Kramer. I always think that when I see her :)

Raven said...

just got off the phone with you, loved our chat ;)

OMG you look JUST LIKE Lucia Moniz. EXACTLY! ESP in that second picture! and the third haha!!!! and I can SO see Eva and Katherine FOR SURE!!

ok this is toooo funny. You are like the spitting image of those girls.

everyone always tells me I look just like that slum bag Brandi from Storage Wars. Lucky me.

Unknown said...

wow yep i can see the Lucia resemblance and also the Camilla Belle one slightly!
gorgeous, all of them and you.

Raquel said...

OMG i can definitely see it!!! Specially the one where she's smiling really big!

Rissy said...

oh my gosh 100% agree with the first one! except sometimes she looks weird depending on how her hair/makeup/wardrobe is done for a part, and you my dear are beautiful always! I swear I think you looked familiar to me when I first found your blog because of that!

I see Eva Mendez too! Go get Mr. Gosling

Rissy said...

oh and I most commonly get Carrie Underwood which I think is odd considering people also always think I look asian or mixed haha

Ashley Slater said...

oh wow, dead ringer in the second set of pics for lucia! although, I think your face is more symmetrical....her face seems a little longer. you are prettier! I dont think I have any look alikes......someone told me I looked like amanda bynes once, I did NOT take it as a compliment!


Jane {In The Pink & Green} said...

I can honestly see a resemblance to all of them! (and I agree with Ashley, you're prettier than Lucia!) I just found your blog and I'm your newest follower :)

Lindsay said...

Oh wow you definitely look like Lucia!!! Crazy!

Lauren said...

You look just like Lucia! I kinda see all three as well! You've inspired me to do a celeb look alike post too! I get told on a daily basis I could be Audrina Patridge's {from The Hills} twin!

Unknown said...

Hey!!! I'm new to your blog and I love it!!! I think you look like the first one for sure and I could def see Camilla Belle!!! You're very pretty and love all of the photos! I'd love to have you stop by my wedding/romance blog! Have an awesome weekend!!!

meghan said...

You definitely look like the first one. At first I couldn't tell which ones were of you and which were her.

Anonymous said...


Eesh said...

Oh gosh! You really do look like Lucia! But I think you're so much more gorgeous. I'm told that I look like Raven-Symone. I don't see it. xx

jas said...

I can totally see it!


ashley said...

I love this-- my friend Aly just posted about a girl she saw on Millionaire Matchmaker-- who she thought was* me!

and I totally see the resemblance in all the pictures! esp the one from 'love actually' (greeeat movie too!) and I think she's soo pretty!

Megan said...

i think you kinda look like me

you're welcome.

shawnamarie10 said...

I actually think a brunette Blake Lively! :)

Unknown said...

So beautiful. Thanks for sharing...58eveningdress.

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