A Little Something

A little 70s. A little Wild Child. A little Rock n' Roll. Enjoy, my loves.  Better late than never, right?


Until Monday! I will have a link up for my Weekend Rundown, so snap away this weekend!


Alicia @ To Columbus and Beyond! said...

1. You are drop. dead. gorgeous.
2. I love your hair cut.
3. I love your vest.
4. I love this blog.
5. I am not a stalker. :)

Have a good weekend!


J and A said...

Love it! And I love that you have a great photographer. Happy weekend pretty lady.

Gina said...

I love this look! You look amazing! And i love the black and white photos.

xo, gina


Gentri said...

You look so so cute!!! :D Love this outfit!

Oliviaaa said...

love the outfit!

Rissy said...

love how different the look is of these pics! youre a rockstar

Anonymous said...

Cute pics girl :)

Ashley Slater said...

soooooo pretty :) I loved how you styled & edited these!


Raquel said...


Olga said...

I don't know if it's just me, but in the last picture you remind me of Camilla Belle! Pretty :)


Ashley said...

i am being 100% honest when i say this totally looks like a spread in a fashion mag. I love it! Pure amazingnesss!

Jules w/ LovelyandCo said...

Love the vest!! Seriously gorgeous pictures! I'm really thinking you should take all my etsy pictures from now on...and my family photos...and just be my personal photographer! Haha :)

henning love said...

love your outfit! this photo shoot is awesome. so glad i found your blog. the end. meg

Mariel Torres said...

You, darling, are absolutely GORGEOUS. Loving your blog so definitely following now :)


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