Good Eats: The Elk


The Elk is a funny little place. Eclectic artwork, neon signs, beer taps for days. If it were summer time it would be hard for my little toosh to find a place to rest. The Elk is IT when the sun is out. It seems people flock from far and wide to score a prime seat on the coveted patio of the Elk. 
If you come to visit me I would probably take you here.
You would probably like it. 

But it's not summer time. It is very much late winter. The patio would be a poor choice for a girl who rarely wears a jacket. 

It's funny that I'm writing about the Elk because I really don't have much to say. If you asked me about the food I would say it's pretty good. The Service? Well, my friends. You don't really go there to meet your next BFF. It was hard enough for me to crack a smile out of my sever. 
But for some reason it doesn't bother me. 
They have sort of built a reputation for shitty service and sub-par food. 
And I'm okay with it. 

Okay, now ask me about the beer!
How could you go wrong if you have Mac and Jacks on tap?
Sometimes I don't even care if my server has rolled her eyes more than she blinks...
Keep a beer in front of me and I'm pretty content.

(She was really excited about me taking this picture)

Chicken caesar taco with corn pasta

Do you frequent any places like this? 
Would you try The Elk after my rave review?

Have a great weekend! I will be working (given) and playing with my NEW LENS!
I'll tell you all about it on Monday!


Ashley Slater said...

haha, she looks SO amused that you are taking a picture! I would try it, if I lived there..... except lately I am trying to cut out all alcohol/beer because I don't want the extra calories. I feel like I am in a time in my life where if I don't get into ideal shape that its never gonna happen. I want to look good enough to be on the cover of shape mag. not that THAT will ever happen, but whatever.

I miss talking to you guys! Stupid phone stealer! :(

Rissy said...

I'd try it because that would mean I'm in Spokane and that would mean I was in an awesome mood already : ) I'm a pretty big fan of beer as well so I think I too would be content.


Lauren Nicole said...

cracking UP at that woman in the picture, hahaha!!

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