What I'm Pinning

What is Pinterest to you? A place to go to lose yourself for an hour? Yeah... me to.
I find myself hitting "see more pins" Just one more time... a few times.
Besides being a totally addicting website, I gain SO much inspiration from all of the lovelies I discover.
Here is just a little taste of what I have in mind for future photo shoots:

Sweet and edgy.

Source: lookbook.nu via Sabrina on Pinterest

Volume and Layers.


Sweet Sunlight.



Source: widzialas.to via Anna on Pinterest

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Rissy said...

I have an "I Confess" involving pinterest coming soon hehe

that green pant lady is from the Nordstrom catalogue I do believe! well... we have her hanging on the wall at work for some reason.

umm totally thought that first girl was you haha I want that skirt like bad!

So excited to see where you go with your photography!!! You and Shay are already booked for my wedding. Don't forget.


Michelle said...

I love the use of props in pictures lately! They really help the photo pop!

Brooke said...

love it and love those green pants.

Sarah said...

I love all of these!
The sweet sunlight is my favorite. Can't wait to see your photography :)

Young and Fabulous said...

one sunday morning I woke up at 5 AM with a stomach ache and I was starving. So I had a gingerale and some cheez-its and sat on my couch and pinned wedding stuff from 5 AM to 10AM...literally...no joke! Its so addicting!

i love that balloon pic for props..and of course the camera pic! Im happy to know holga made it in a photo shoot! GO HOLGA! I have 1 more pic to take with my new baby that I have named FooFoo (sounds like Fuji like my amazing cam from you!)

i havent been on in a week or so, so i need to see if i follow yoU!!

i agree with rissy. you and shay tag team my wedding! or just tag team me ;-) hahah CREEPY!! muah!


Rebeka said...

I like these - especially the sweet sunlight and props!

I just can't get addicted to pinterest? I don't know why. I think it's a good way to save recipies I see online but that's about all. Maybe I need to follow more interesting people?

Taylor said...

I think I need all of these outfits. now. When can we go shopping? now? how about now? now?

I think pinterest is slowly going to be an epidemic case! I need to stop pinning wedding stuff and get stuff I actually need! like shoes, purses, presents for moi!!!

Gina said...

Great outfits! I'm loving the "bright" one so much! I definitely need a pair of awesome pants like that. I hope you have an awesome week!

xo, gina


Samantha said...

To lose myself for an HOUR?! More like 3 hours... :) I'm SLIGHTLY addicted.

Following you now!


Anonymous said...

I too, am addicted to pinterest!! i love it so much for getting any kind of inspirations... i reently got engaged so my new addictions is weddings ha!... i love the photo of the girl standing on the bed with a book and also the one holding the camera :) thanks for sharing!! xo


Unknown said...

These are so cute! Pinterest is very time consuming but fun!

Ashley said...

i have that taylor swift pic on my blog from a loooong time ago - it's a classic! and i love those green skinnies- you can rock all these outfits. i can totally see you in that first one - i thought it was you at first!

... said...

That first outfit is too cute!

arianapia said...

"see more pins" is the devil's temptation and i cannot resist!

your photography ideas are wonderful! can't wait to see the end results

arianapia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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