Weekend Rundown


First Things First... Happy Birthday Ashley!!

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Yes... I have the Snooki App...

Next on the list... I have been slacking on this here blog! It's been over a week, friends. Who am I?! 

I'll be catching you up on everything throughout the week. For now, here is a look at my weekend!


This weekend I had a little house warming party! Made some jello shots, drank mimosas and swapped some clothes! Unfortunately I had to work later that evening...

On Sunday we had a party at work to honor all of our employees! We ate prime rib and had cocktails. It was such a good time! So lucky to work with some of the greatest people in the world!





Hope you had a great weekend! Want to link up with your Weekend Rundown? I'll set one up next week if you're interested!!


Anonymous said...

WHERE did you get that bag in your Weekend Rundown pic? The teal one. I WANT IT/NEED IT/HAVE TO HAVE IT NOW! =D

meghan said...

Yes it would be fun to have that linkup. It would also go along well with the Instagram linkups, because I know a lot of people post about their weekends from Instagram. I did a weekend recap today, so I totally would have linked up!

Unknown said...

That looks like a fun weekend!

Ashley said...

this is perfect! dying over ashley as snooki!

looks like your weekend of party was a total success! what a fun group of people!

Taylor said...

I love love loved your house warming party!!!! great little cupcakes! and getting wasted off mimosas before coaching a 5 year old game was the cherry on top of my weekend!

Whim Wham Life said...

Who are you? You are fabulous! And busy living the life! xoxo

Amber said...

ummmm I love the pic where the hot chick is randomly grabbing your junk. Looks like fun!

Unknown said...

Looks like you had a great party! So fun!

Great blog!

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Sprightly So

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