Weekend Rundown

I don't think I've eve been happier for a Monday in my life.
I have today and tomorrow off from work. My weekend officially begins... now!
Gym, Laundry... skipping the tan.
My house will be spotless and I am going to be making some more soup!
A few of you asked for the recipe to my favorite soup so I will post a little step by step. It's SO easy!

How have you all been doing on your resolutions? I've been pretty good about being on time! 
I was actually a few minutes early for every work shift last week.
Small successes, people. 

And now for the picture show:

1. Gym time!
2. Sushi in mah belly
3. Evergreens and sunsets
4. Delicious salad I made before work
5. Katie and me at work
6. New Hana Blow dryer
7. Swag at the bridal fair
9. Grapefruit Perrier YUM!

10. Mini Ben and Jerrys with Tay
11. Pretty chair idea

I hit up the bridal fair with Taylor this weekend. What I learned?
Not the best place to pick up men.
And don't be fooled by bite sized cakes...it doesn't mean you can eat 63 bites.
Cue belly ache.

What did your weekend look like? 


Nobody said...

Not the best place to pick up men! BAHAHAAA! (:

Samantha said...

Oooooh I love soup!! Can't wait for your recipe! I seriously live off any and every kind. Yummmmm.

And my NY resolution is pretty similiar to yours, i'm always a few minutes late - EVERYWHERE I go!

Enjoy your days off!!


Young and Fabulous said...

excuse me...grapefruit perrier!?!? where did you find this. I need some!!

I just love your life. Two days off from work, making soup, loving friends, sushi, yummy salads. Can I come be your roomie for weekends? We would have so much fun!

Love the pic of you and taylor and the ice cream! i LOVE ben and jerrys. Come visit and we can goto the FACTORY in vermont!! free samples all day of new and new-ish flavors holla! I went once with kurt and took like 5 or 6 samples and then felt like I had to crap all night!

miss your face! i want your soup recipe :-)


Courtney said...

Looks like a fun weekend! And now you have made me want sushi...and Ben and Jerrys:)

Taylor said...

The Wedding show was fun and I love how we played lesbo's for 2 whole seconds and said it was OR wedding. The look was hillarious but I cna never keep it going! :)

mini ice cream, mini cakes, pita bread and hummus.

ok ok now I am drooling over my keyboard!

I still have the cake sampler that woman gave me to give to B...nothing has been eaten out of it...nothing.

me and you=cake monster ice cream freaks!

My-cliffnotes said...

Love bridal shows, and the cake for sure!! Cute pics too!

his little lady said...

oh goodness, i've been craving sushi for so long!! that looks absolutely delicious!!
xo TJ

Michelle said...

I love love love me some Grapefruit Perrier!!!! MY FAVE!!! Looks like y'all had such a fun weekend!!!!

Unknown said...

That Sushi looks so good! Great pictures. I'm not doing so well on my resolutions, I feel like my eyes are gonna fall out. I'm so tired! lol

Whim Wham Life said...

I have to join in with the masses: favorite soup recipe, por favor! "SO easy" is the key ingredient for me:-) xoxo

Anonymous said...

looks like a fun weekend! I just got the Hana hair dryer too, I'm excited to try it out!

... said...

Ha ha...I would imagine a bridal show is NOT a good place to pick up men! You always make me laugh :)

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