Thoughts with Eric

Remember how I told you I had a special guest post today? Well, that usually means I would be linking up with another blogger friend...but today it is someone outside of BlogLand.

I know what you're thinking. An outsider? He's not one of us... I know, I know.

But trust my judgement on this one. Eric has some experience in the fashion department (and in the lady department) that will prove to get your attention good or bad.

Handsome, duh. 
Friends with me (double points)
Great personal style
The ability to charm your pants off (girl or guy)

Without further adieu: 

So now I bet you're wondering why he is here.
Yes.. he is nice to look at, but there are lots of words in that pretty little head of his. 

I had some specifics in mind:
Pick out an outfit for a certain occasion
Tell me why.
Sounds simple, right? well...

Occasion: First Date (dinner and a movie type)*

Here is what he picked:






First, we had to specify what would be happening on this date. Eric isn't the dinner/movie type of guy. "I like to take girls rock climbing. Something outside their comfort-zone" 
Because most guys don't actually do this... we went with a standard. 

Skinny Jeans
Climate wise, these are appropriate... but if skin can be shown in a classy way that is a major plus. These are flattering and form fitting on the legs. They show the butt, is what I'm getting at. It gives the illusion of being revealing. That's what it's all about. 

T-Shirt & Jacket
This shows a girl is not high maintenance, but still fashionable. Does that make sense? If a girl can look good in a simple t-shirt, that's real beauty. Like waking up to a girl with no make up. Sure, she may look hot with all that make up on, but is hot what we really want? (Sometimes)

This outfit is very simple until you get to the heels. Throw on a high pair of heels and this offsets the classic masculine feel of the jeans and tee combo. The heels also elongate the legs making you look leaner. 

Who is this girl?
A girl wearing this outfit is someone that would laugh at my jokes. Someone I would share a beer with, but still looks really good. 

Girls (and the few guys that read this blog) what do you think? Do you agree? Would you wear something like this on a first date? Guys: would you be happy to see a girl dressed like this?

I appreciate and welcome all opinions! 

**Special thanks to Eric for helping me with this! He will be back next week with his opinions on a look for Girls Night Out. The first outfit was... well.... slutty. I believe he said "Oh no... I turned you into a skank."

Yeah, it was bad. Don't worry... we fixed it! 
And yes... I'll show you the "skank" outfit. 


Kelly said...

Love it! It makes total sense when you break it down, but as a girl, I'm sure I'd over think it and the outfit wouldn't come out nearly as nice as this one. I love the jacket & heels!

Samantha said...

Yes! I'd definitely wear this! I'm a big fan of leather (or pleather, whatever!) The heels definitely jazz up the tshirt and jeans! Cute cute cute. Good job Eric!


T&S said...

He did a great job. I would definitely wear the outfit and everything he said makes total sense! Kudos to Eric!

Did he also pick out the necklace?

XO Lourdes

Rissy said...

I absolutely love this and the reasons Eric chose it. It reminds me of something Jessica Biel would wear and I think she seems like the kind of girl a guy can chill with ; )

p.s. a guy I like prefers me sans make up... good feeling, but I'm not going to wear makeup (I know you guys are so tired of hearing about the guys I like- but I've talked about this one lots lately I swear ; )


Whim Wham Life said...

good job Eric! Guys around the world that secretly read Sabrina's blog are cheering:-) hehe. Love you S! xoxo

If you freelance, here's your next mission: how to style a former model turned mom who has about 30.7 seconds to get dressed in the morning:-)

Nobody said...


That outfit freaking rocks!!
What're the deets?

J and A said...

Love this! So fun. You look amazing. Good picks.

dottie said...

He did great!! Love the outfit and me makes perfect sense.

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

i would not wear this outfit, but NOT because it isn't fabulous-it is. but for shock value alone, this is too predictable (i'm full of it).

i would totally wear this outfit.

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I think it is a great pick! I would totally rock an outfit like that!!!

choose to be happy blog said...

um amazing. SABRINA. you are so cute. i am in love. i want those jeans and heels!

choose to be happy blog said...

pps- please post where they are from for super stalkers. like myself. xo

Haley{PairsandPours} said...

love that jacket! where is it from?

Oliviaaa said...

what a great post. it's always nice to know what is going on in the head of a man... the one attached to his shoulders that is. ANYWAY... i'd totally wear this outfit on a date.

Courtney said...

I love this outfit. I have this outfit in my closet but I haven't worn it all together, so thanks Eric:)

arianapia said...

Love the outfit. I always try to go for the casual "thrown together" look but don't want to come off as not put together.

I never would've thought to add heels to dress it up!

Can't wait for the next installment!

Young and Fabulous said...

dayyyum Eric...you picked a rockin outfit! im glad to know there are guys out there who know the fashion!

i actually wanted to do a post where kurt dressed me for a night out hahah just to see what he would do. Eric would win BY FAR!

youre beautiful. you make the simplest outfits look glamorous!! let me shop in your closet!


NeuroticLover said...

You're right, he does have great fashion sense. That outfit is amazing! And I love his explanation for it.

Ashley Slater said...

my favorite part? the necklace. I am in love with it.

fantastic outfit from head to toe!

Amie said...

Bahahaha "I turned you into a skank..."
That is what happens when my hubby tries to pick out clothes for me. Only where you're skinny and and can go out in public with less clothes and NOT make people go blind...I am not quite like that ;)
The final outfit is great, though!

So shay said...

You're gorgeous! And I love Eric! How fun!!!! I want to see this skank outfit hahaha :)

Raquel said...

I love this! It's such a simple yet chic outfit, very cute!

Unknown said...

Love the outfit. Can't wait to see the skanky outfit he picked out and what he changed it to! Love this idea for a blog post series :) xx

Pamela said...

Love the outfit! Gorgeous!

Unknown said...

i love this outfit! and now may be wearing something similar on a potential first date i have coming up. it's classic, edgy, and yet very natural.

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