Red Velvet

Loved the comments from yesterdays' post. I've actually been re-reading some!
They are that good.

It's hard to believe sometimes how WRONG past boyfriends were. But it definitely makes for a good story! I'm glad you all seemed to laugh at my poor choices. 

Well friends, it's Friday. And I made cupcakes because every Friday should be broken in with a smooth Red Velvet Cupcake. It was the first time I made them, and yeah. They are amazing! Thanks Paula Deen for helping me fatten up my coworkers. I only allowed myself 1. 
aaaand some extra frosting
aaaand some batter
aaaand maybe one more. 
but that's it, I swear. 





Have a great weekend! 
Check back on Monday for my Weekend Rundown!


Jess said...

gorgeous! I love red velvet and frosting. and more frosting. ;)

Anonymous said...

Those look delicious!! I haven't tried making red velvet cupcakes.

Anonymous said...

Those look AMAZING! do you have the recipe? I'd love to try them this weekend

Kodi said...

Red velvet is AMAZING<3 and your's look so professional!


Samantha said...

Yummmmmmmm! Red Velvet is my FAVE. I make it on a monthly basis, no joke. My coworkers are definitely overweight bc of my mad baking skillz. :)


Anupriya DG said...

Those cupcakes look yum! Doesn't look like your very first batch!! :)

ashleigh said...

yummy yummmy;
and just because i would want someone to tell me;when you wrote drooling; you wrote dooling;
and they dont look like your first batch;
i may just come up to spokane so we can bake together xo

Young and Fabulous said...

yum yum yum yum yum.....ANNNNNDDDD....yum

Sabrina Deen!

hahah i just laughed to myself about how clever that sounded which means I have a problem

love you!


... said...

Look delicious!! :)

Raven said...

will you make these for me when you come visit?

Rissy said...

and you bake? wow just stop!

Taylor said...

Thanks for bringing me some!!! i was baking yesterday.alone.in my kitchen. and dying.

Funmilayo said...

they look good :)

Mariel Torres said...

Oh yum! They look absolutely perfect darling.

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