Ghost of Boyfriends Past: Tequila Train

If you're just now starting to read my blog I would like to catch you up. For the past three weeks I have been telling some great stories about how my ex-boyfriends have made some poor decisions.
 Today, I am going to change things up.

I am the one at fault in this story. And so begins the Tequila Train.


This is B. 

Situation: First Date. It's one of those dream dates you only hear about in movies. A spontaneous train ride to a little ski town in Montana. (dream date/ beginning of a horror story?) Kidding, of course.

Before the date B asked what my favorite drink was. Of course, being 20, I responded "TEQUILA!!!"

I'll tell you right now I had never had a SIP of tequila in my life prior to this train ride... 
but I needed to impress my future boyfriend.

I packed my bag and headed to the train station where I met my date. We spent 7 hours on a train playing cards and shamelessly flirting. As much as I hate to admit it.. it was one of the most romantic first dates. EVER. No Lie.

Okay So it goes: we spend the day in Whitefish, MT... snuggling by the fire, walked around the lodge, bought cute snow hats... 
Things people do when they're in love!
sickening... right?
Our 24 hr adventure was coming to a quick halt when we realized our train home was leaving in a few hours. We headed to the nearest bar to down the travel sized shots that were hidden safely in our carry-on.  

after two six shots we boarded the train and headed back to Spokane. 
As we walked to find our seat on the train, I began to stumble.

And when I say stumble I mean almost puke on passengers.

I make a mad dash to the nearest plastic bathroom and hurled my whole body into the can. 
Boy Oh Boy... Why am I single?

Did I lock the door?
Yeah.. of course I did. Then I passed out. 
Want to come in the bathroom? Nope.. it's occupied by a drunk girl for the next 2 hrs. 
Finally coming to, I unlock the door and make my way out of the Loo. 


I find my way snuggling into the luggage area where I am the new cargo. 
I remember saying things like
"I don't feel so good."
"I can take care of myself" and
"Don't touch me... I'll get sick"
-Independent woman at her finest.

The future boyfriend seemed pretty impressed with my drinking ability and my graceful ways.
It's a wonder we dated for a year and a half.

Moral of the story is...
Don't lie.
And if you lie, do not lie about drinking tequila.
And if you lie about drinking tequila,
don't drink tequila on a train.

Plain and Simple.


Anonymous said...

So what was the cause of you all breaking up after 1 1/2 years?

Anonymous said...

HA HA HA! This seems like something I would do. BTW, i LOVE this series!! <3


dottie said...

Ha, ha! Go big or go home right? I would have said "Long Islands" and been right next to you.

amber lynn said...

oh gosh..i can just imagine the motion sickness/drunkeness..lol

btw you live in spokane?! i grew up in coeur d alene!

Brittanie said...

Oh my, I can't stop laughing/smiling at this. Too funny and I'm in love with this series! This definitely tops as my fav.

Lindsey said...

you're a girl after my own heart.

Alyssa said...

I can only imagine being locked the bathroom! I'm sure that was a long ride home!

Ali said...

hahaha oh my gosh! Tequilla is terrible! And I have motion sickness so I literally cannot imagine the combination of tequilla and train!! Sounds terrible! I'm just glad you made it out alive!

A Girl Named Miss Kate said...

oh goodnesssss. i have horrible motion sickness.. i couldnt not imagine being drunk on a train oh goodness!!
haha love this series. has me laughing out loud every time i read it.


Ashleigh said...

aw, well you aren't alone, girl! I have been wasted in front of an ex or 2... and tequila is mean!

Raven said...

hahahahaha!! well I for one have to say that I am thankful for B for introducing you to tequila because I am sure now you are a pro and can shoot back shots like its nobodys business!!!

Rissy said...

oh hey soul sister... the first time Nick and I hung out, I puked all down the front of his sweatshirt.. that I was wearing. We didnt start dating until 2 years later, but I know that impression lasted.

Youre amazing.

A 7 hr train ride for a first date is AGGRESSIVE! I like it

Stephanie said...

hysterical. Pretty sure this has happened to the best of us. I don't EVEN wanna talk about my first date with my now husband...ya...not one of my proudest moments.

AllyValdez said...

pretty sure "ghosts of bf past" is making my life. so thanks.


Anonymous said...

OMG, this is my new fave post ever!!! Can't wait til next week. It's like a tv show, can't wait to see next weeks episode!! LOL. That sounds like an awesome first date though, ya know minus the puking and stuff. I've never had a 24 hour first date before!

Nobody said...

Greatest.Story.EVER. You have a new follower! FOR SURE!

Rebecca said...

haha on my first date with a guy, I threw up in his car =[ But then we dated for a year so he must have really liked me haha

Jamie said...

Hahahahah. Hilarious. :)

Mariel Torres said...

Oh my goodness! This really made me laugh... thanks for sharing the moral of the story ;)

Emily said...

Bahahahahaha - this is an awesome series! And this story - gold. I will keep that note advice - however my motto is "Don't drink tequila"

Jesslyn Amber said...

I love this series! I just died laughing imagining this! Bahahaha!

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