So much change in one year.

Photography has become such an important aspect of my life this past year and my main passion. Since purchasing my cannon my blog has gained SO many new followers. It has really changed the experience you have when you look at my site and I think I have finally found the perfect way to express myself.

Here's a journey through some of my outfit posts this year. The difference in quality is actually comical.




Here are some of my most popular posts:
The most searched Keyword: Troopa Boots
You seem to like when I dish on Ex Boyfriends: Doggy Talk
Watch Magic Happen with the Teenage Dream Team

For 2012 I have a few goals. Number One on my list is simply:
Be On Time. 
For some reason I find myself showing up to everything 2-7 minutes late. It's just plain rude and there is really no excuse besides poor planning. So yeah. I will not be late in my life. That's a promise. Being on time is just a small step in accomplishing the other goals I have in mind, mostly having to do with photography.

I will continue to work hard, learn at every opportunity and love without bounds. I have found my happy place in life. I've found it within myself which has been the hardest journey, but SO rewarding.
I'm grateful for the the love and support I have had through this year.
I've lost friends, made new friends and rekindled a great friendship that was put on hold.
This year has been phenomenal.

Thank you, friends, for sticking around and continually writing the sweetest comments that have the power to brighten the darkest of days. You are just as much apart of this blog as I am, so thank you for your love! I wish you great happiness in all you do and the best of luck with your resolutions.

In closing here is Zooey. I'm slightly obsessed with her. 

Happy New Year!


Ashlee @ They Lived Happily Ever After... said...

You have the best style, girl!!!

Young and Fabulous said...

i have to say that your gangsta gold jacket will and always be my FAV!!! kanye's twin sis what what?!?!

yes my love you're photography has changed throughtout the year but you have ALWAYS been amazing! you're going places with it!! come duel-photograph my future wedding with shalyn!

i just love you and am so glad to have gotten to know you and MEET you this year! MUAH!


Raquel said...

love love love all the outfits!!

Anupriya DG said...

I love photography too! Your pictures have definitely gotten better with the Canon! :)

Here's to another new year of experiments, learnings & new excitements!!! Cheers!

Gentri said...

Crazy what a difference a nice camera will make. Now I just need to own one... haha!

p.V.e said...

I absolutely love all of your outfits!! Your style is awesome!

Courtney said...

Can you please be my stylist? Thanks:) I posted that video on my blog yesterday. I just love it!

... said...

I just received my first big girl camera! A Canon too! :) I cannot wait to start using it! Your photos are awesome! :) I love Zoey! :)

meghan said...

Happy New Year Sabrina! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. You're definitely right that there is a difference between the picture with the Canon and without. I have a question: do you use a tripod to take your own outfit pictures or do you have someone/multiple people who take them for you? I used to do outfit pictures by my fiance would only be agreeable for 22.1 seconds and only inside the house. I would love to be able to do outfit pics but wonder how others do it.

Also...great goals! They're very manageable and achievable. I'm posting mine at the beginning of next week.

Alyssa said...

Love your style!!

Taylor said...

I just love you in general! You are am amazing person and so glad you are in my bloggy life and real life! I can not wait for this summer, and your photgraphy gets better and better so by the time August comes around it will be the best ever! except the fact I will want loads of pictures WITH YOU!


Ashley said...

you may have gotten a new camera but your style has remained sassy all year long! LOVE your outfits!!

Dream team - heck yeah!

And Zoe D - the best! love her!

Happy New Year Chica!!


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