Which Seat Do I Take?

Dear Friday,

I know you like to take your time, but really? It's been ages since I've seen you. I hope you were worth the wait.

In Desperate Need Of Some Down Time

And now.... Picture DUMP!! Enjoy!

I finally painted my nails!

I decorated a shelf.
I ate a LOT of edemame. Hey, it's good for you... don't judge me. 


This is an outfit I wore a while ago... this the only crappy picture I got of it before I ran out the door!


I am starting a guest blogging series!! And I am looking for some guests!!

Here are the details:
I am looking for your stories/advice/knowledge on how to find love.
As you may or may not know, this girl is single. 
Not that I'm looking... BUT I am interested in what you have to say about:
Single Life
Divorced Life

And trust me, there is NO judgement here! I have dated some reeeeeal winners :)

If you are interested in guest blogging PLEASE comment I will email you!
If nothing else, it's a great way to get some new visitors :)

Ohh... and I WILL be contacting a few of ya's. I have specific things I want you to blog about :)

I think I'll call it:

A Blogger's Guide To Love n' Shit


Happy Friday my little honey badgers!! :) Ohh you're nasty. 


Jess said...

I'm married for almost 5 years, so I'd love to guest blog about marriage. :)

Al said...

Well love, my love history runs the gamut of all of the above. Dating, married, divorced, remarried.

Perhaps I could offer a little bit about what happens after you get used to that special person in your life, and things don't wind up the way you expected. How to embrace being single and independent, and how that ultimately makes the next relationship better...

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!


Torrie said...

I am currently dating someone, for over two years now, who is so unlike that blasted "type" we all think we have, and I couldn't love him more. Blogging on how we may not really have types? Who knows!

Amanda said...

I just got engaged a little over a month ago to the guy of my dreams. We actually met through ONLINE DATING .. I know .. crazy. I'd love to blog about my experience with that and how to led me to find my true love :) xo

Michelle (michabella) said...

A Bloggers Guide to Love and Shit. LOVE IT!!!! Super excited!!! Cute outfit btw and LOVE the nails gf.

Have a great weekend <3

amber lynn said...

My hubby and I just celebrated our 3 year anniversary. We are in that "no longer newly weds, but still newly married" phase. Would love to guest bost about the first few years of marriage :)


choose to be happy blog said...

i want to guest post girl blog crush! been dating my boyfriend for 4 years, he plays baseball and is away half the year. which is SO not fun, or easy, or normal. :) xoxoo

Young and Fabulous said...

sabby sab sab. i just heart you. and your love for life. and easy going-ness. and everything about you!

im totally in on this guest blog series! I mean, I could be mushy and talk about my 5 year relationship with kurt that includes me bugging him to always take pics with me, me never doing the dishes, and me constantly taking his spot in bed..


i could talk about my 2 months of singleness and how i went from innocent to skank in 5.5 seconds and how i learned from it (though it was fun)


I could talk about how im not engaged yet but want to be

ok so many options! but this sounds fabulous and im excited! :-)


Samantha said...

I have been dating my boyfriend for over 4 years and i'm just waiiiiiiiting for him to pop the question. I am at the stage where i'm thinking "is it EVER going to happen!?!??!?!" :) Here's hoping!


Anupriya DG said...

Oooh! A Blogger's Guide to Love n' Shit??? Sound super interesting!!
But love doesn't always necessarily end up in some shit or the other........sometimes the shit is left in the bathroom, while Love rules everywhere else!! ;)

I'm up for guest blogging! :)

Casey said...

I'm a newlywed - married in February, and would love to talk about the first year of marriage! :)


Anonymous said...

I've been to hell and back when it comes to "love". Heck, I'll guest post for ya :)

Rebeka said...

Ohhh! I would love LOVE to guest post if you need someone else. I've been talking to my friend from home (onelonemagpie.com) a lot about when it's time to let someone go vs. how to know when it's worth sticking around and working out. I have a pretty great BF now, but I've dated some REAL doozys (one time, my freshman year of college at Univ.of Wa. I walked in on my boyfriend in bed, with another man...) OH my dating history!! Ha! Anyway that may be beside the point.
P.S. I love your nail color!

Eugenia said...

guest blogger series sounds fun!!

Anonymous said...

You just reminded me, I need to paint my nails! LOL. And I'm excited to check out some of your guest posts on love. I am happily married and would like to help out by guest posting, but I'm still rather new to this blogging thing and have never guest posted before :x

Stesha said...

just came across your blog and I LOVE it!! especially your funny pics from today!! YES i want to be apart of your guest blogging series!! I am a single girl in this blog world too, who knows what kind of trouble we can get into!!

Classic & Bubbly

Ashley Slater said...

sounds like fun! If you need more bloggers, sign me up!


shay said...

i'd love to guest blog for you... i've covered all of the above topics, and just got married (2nd time's a charm!) last month!

Maca said...

Love the pictures and I agree about Friday, couldn't have come soon enough! I'd love to guest blog, although my H and I's love story is kind of crazy it's still fun to tell it :)

Love your blog, been reading it for a while but I think this is the first time I actually comment!


Kristal said...

I love your blog and have been reading for awhile. I would love to do a guest post! I am a "in a relationship" girl but I once was single! Great idea and I think it will attract a lot of readers! I'm in, talk to you soon!


Lizzy said...

I could do a relationship with having kids. I'm with my son's father, but he doesn't want to get married yet! We've been together for 5 years too!

Ashley said...

I just logged in to Twitter and saw you sticking up for puppy Bella and Ashley... so that's how I found your blog. (:

I'm a newlywed, but there's always more to learn about Love n' Shit. Sounds fun. hehe

Kaylene Nicole said...

Hey Sabrina! I would love to be a guest blogger for you :) I've been single for a little over a year a half after ending a 4 year on again off again, emotional roller coaster of a relationship... seriously it was a real train wreck.

Stephanie said...

Soooo I've had this little idea of a post in my head for like MONTHS now but never had the right time to write about it...basically something along the lines of telling all you girlies out there who are NOT engaged/married yet that it is SO worth the wait and to not sit around thinking "why me?" "why hasn't he asked yet?" etc and how that when it does happen, it all goes by SO fast so to not wish it by....so that's it in a nutshell without completely giving it all out.

What I'm saying is I would LOVE to write

Stephanie said...

...oops...didn't mean to save that just yet.

ANyways-would love to guest post about that "in between" stage... :)

Ashley said...

sabbbbbs!! what happened to mr. halloween?!

i love this idea. seriously, anytime i write about lovey stuff, it's one of my biggest posts - girls LOVE This stuff!

I would totally love to write on tips I've picked up on how men need to be MEN and not pansies.

OR i could simply write about how everytime I think about my 7-year-lova who left me for a half-married women I think of Taylor Swift's Song "speak now" and i SO want to do that if they ever get married! haha

loveeeee you!

Raven said...

A bloggers guide to love n shit HAHAH! perfect!! Can't wait to kick it off!!!! You are just the best thing I think. Seriously. And your new place looks awesome. I NEED TO VISIT. I NEED I WILL.

kim {the non-mom blogger} said...

Love it.

If you need words from a 33 year old who married her HS sweetheart, I've got plenty ;)

Elizabeth McMullen said...

Def girl! I have been with my fiancee for three years, 5 months of which was LDR....

Neely said...

I'd love to post about single or dating life :)

So shay said...

I'll gladly add to this. DUH!

Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

New follower from Raven's blog! Love your cute blog and looking forward to this series!! I would love to share some thoughts! Married my HS sweeetheart... now baby daddy... together 11 years... things change :) Please feel free to shoot me an email if you're interested.

Thanks for considering :)
J&M's Eye Candy Blog
J&M's Eye Candy on Facebook
J&M's Eye Candy Shoppe on Etsy

arianapia said...

Single girl here! Would love to blog on love 'n shit! The dating scene, the not so dating scene, the guys who come in and out of our lives repeatedly. I know nothing and everything all at the same time!

I just love your blog. It is so refreshing in this world. And your outlook on life is fantastic! :)

Believing in Laughter

sea to shining port said...

Hi Sabrina! Let us know if you would ever like us to guest blog! Mara is newly married, figuring out how to remodel a home, still hang out with friends, and say NO to Christmas Eve and the inlaws, while Caitlin is four years in, no talk of marriage...should she say something? Should she wait? She doesn't want to pressure him? Good lord isn't she marriage material?!!?!!!!

:) We're a funny bunch. We'd love to join some other lovely ladies in tackling the topic of love, let us know what you think!


Ashleigh said...

If you still want a guest post for marriage, i would be happy to do one! Let me know if you are interested.

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

Sounds great! I would love to guest post! I've been married a little over five months, been with my hubby since July 2009. Before him, I was a serial dater.

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