Weekend Rundown

Annnnd it's Tuesday. Not Monday.. Well here is my weekend anyway!! Friday... I went to work but it was DEAD because of the snow (It was our first big snow). So I just stayed in... I wasn't about to drive in the craziness!


Saturday I took some pictures for a few friends of mine, Alyssa and Brent. They were so beautiful! It was probably the greatest experience in my photography career thus far! I coordinated with Brent the night before and he informed me he was going to propose!! It was such an exciting day!

Sunday I had a little brunch with this lovely lady! We met to discuss pictures, weddings and how much we love each other already! Okay... maybe not that last part, but it's true! She is a freakin firecracker!!


How was your weekend? Anything exciting?
Ohhh... Tuesday. 


Jess said...

I think it is absolutely amazing that you were there to capture the engagement for them! I still love you new short hair. It looks great on you!

Helly Di Duca said...

cute snow pics of your friends all loved up :)

Ashley said...

awww...thats awesome that you were able to get pics of him proposing! how frickin' cute! you got some skills girlfriend :)

Lindsey said...

Shut up!!! That is so special that you got to cpature the proposal. I love it! And totally super quadruple jealous you got to meet Tay Tay!!!!! Y'all are both so gorgeous.

Ali said...

Oh man!! I'd love to shoot a proposal!! What an awesome opportunity & you did a great job with the pictures

Whim Wham Life said...

mmm. brunch. and mimosas. I need a few of those, asap:-) I have to agree with the general consensus, your new hair is kickass! Shine on girl! xoxo

Rissy said...

I've really missed you in blogland..

fortunately I can follow you through text message hehe

I just want to hang out with you!

I LOVE your hair. Great decision.


J and A said...

I love your hair and that you could capture that special moment. So awesome!

Gentri said...

It's ok. My weekend recaps usually don't happen until Thursday... The day before another weekend. Haha!

NeuroticLover said...

That is possibly the sweetest thing ever!! Now officially how I want to be proposed to! Haha.

And, once again, your hair makes me want to chop mine off. Do you love it as much as the rest of us??

Taylor said...

No it is love!!! :) haha hearts in my eyes!!! I am so glad we got mimosas and after brunch I stayed pretty buzzed all day! Definitely getting together after this Holiday calms down...Shopping is definitely in order! :)

Young and Fabulous said...

i want to meet taylor!!! and raven!!! and then all get drunk together because that would be bomb

ok so that engagement thing is just pure LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

i just <3 you


Alyssa said...

It so weird to read that you've had snow when we've been 80's! So jealous and at the same, I'm so not haha!

Holly said...

aww you got to meet Taylor in person! I am so j e a l o u s! annnd how amazing to be able to photograph an engagement. How fun!

New reader/follower ;)

Raven said...

ahhhhhhhh my little taylorbug and Sabrinapoo!!!!! I SO WISH I WAS THERE! You know I would be downing those mimosas with you, those ARE mimosas, right??

Gosh I just love you. Cant wait for our sleepover. Or bleepover as Erica has named it. I will be saying this over and over til it actually happens.

and love your hair! You can still curl it and it looks sooooo cute!!

Raquel said...

Omg that proposal looked SO cute!!

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