Weekend Rundown



Well it's officially been ONE WEEK since I moved in! The mountain of clothes has finally found a home, things are starting to come together and I finally have some good healthy food in my fridge! Life is good, I tell ya. This weekend really started off with a bang. Before work on Friday I decided I was going to make snickerdoodles for our Chef. So I grabbed the necessary ingredients at my neighborhood grocery store and headed home to bake.

About half way through beating the butter and sugar I realized I had forgotten cinnamon. This is where shit gets crazy.

As I enter the store for the second time in 20 minutes, I head directly toward the spice aisle where I proceed to pick up a tiny jar of cinnamon for far too many dollars. Oh well, it was necessary.

I head to the SPEED check out lane, seeing as I only had one item. This lane was the closest to the pharmacy. As I hand the cashier my little jar I see a swarm of male employees march toward the pharmacy counter. And next thing I know....


No... not a gun shot.

A man is on the ground. They took him down!
He had told the pharmacist he had a gun and was trying to get some pills out of her.

This man was scary. About 6'5" burly and a scrapper! I was so impressed at the quickness of the staff and how they zip tied this man in mere seconds!

Needless to say I left the store with this adrenaline high that carried me through the night.
(Maybe that is why I had the balls to call a girl out for being nasty via twitter)

Friends, this was just Friday!

To sum this up... Saturday was great! Went shopping with Brooke, drank wine at lunch and scored some beautiful curtains at World Market.

Sunday came way too quick. I had an engagement shoot with Jeffrey, Tara and Sage. Here are a few of the pictures. ***NOTE: They are untouched/unedited. I literally just uploaded them straight from my camera. I just wanted to show you how lovely they are! Such a sweet little family And so fun to work with!




What did you do this weekend? 

Check back tomorrow for a post on Mean Girls.
Probably not what you are expecting.
Especially if you followed my twitter feed over the weekend.

Happy Monday!

P.s. We had our first snowfall this weekend! I'm not ready for winter!


Michelle (michabella) said...

Oh my goodness! What a weekend you had!!! LOVE that photo of the heart in leaves! I love your kitchenaid btw! I use to live off of Rockstars in college! Wait...that sounds bad...

Anupriya DG said...

Oh! You've had one happening weekend, I must say! :)

Torrie said...

Phew, craziness in the grocery store! At the risk of sounding like an alcoholic, is that a gin and ginger ale in one of the photos at the top? A solid go-to of mine! haha

Your photos of the fam are so cute, love the leaves in the heart shape, so clever!!

Young and Fabulous said...

friday night twitter=good enough for a REALITY SHOW!

seriously...you go girl.

your weekend sounds awesome minus the scary pharmecy story, BUT...it made a good blog story! haha

loved your family photo shoot....so so cute you seriously are amazing!


Kristal said...

I love the leaves! So pretty! I wish we had piles of leaves like that here! :) What a fun and eventful weekend!


Whim Wham Life said...

Ahhhh, crazy pill poppers and snow and expensive cinnamon. Life is insane!:-) xoxo

Ashley Slater said...

that is crazy! I would have loved to see that! hahah

thanks again for defending me on twitter.... the blog meanness/ meanness in general has got to stop. I don't follow her on twitter so by the time I got there I had no idea what was going down!

She DID kind of, sort of apologize. a little. via e-mail. but then she blogged about it like it was someone else's fault. weird!

oh well, can't wait to read your post tomorrow! and show us pics of your new place!!!!!!

ashley said...

That is insane what happened at the store. Glad nothing got too violent-- that would of been super scary!!

The fall pictures look gorgeous!

NeuroticLover said...

Uh oh Twitter drama. Meanness is not okay! I think people forget that when they're doing such things via the internet. It's sad!

Your photos are amazing! What a sweet family!! Excited for the Mean Girls post! :)

So shay said...

All I know is I love you and your good heart. We need more people like you in this world.

As far as the robbery goes...WHOLY cowdung. I swear this is one of my worst fears for my Mom. She works in a pharmacy and I did too a little in college and I swear people are CURAZYYYYYYYYYY when they can't get their pills. Watch out! So glad you and everyone else is okay.

Send me a snickerdoodle will you? :)

Raquel said...

I agree with Shalyn! We definitely need more people like you :)

Btw, you always take the best pictures ever!

Lindsay said...

Yikes, what a Friday! haha Thank god nobody was hurt!

And I saw all that stuff on Twitter... nuts, I tell you! Some people. Geez.

Taylor said...

ahaha loved this post! and the crazy attempted theft story, and I got to know it all as it happened cause I'm special like that. and you are SO cute and gorgeous at the same time. And I LOVE World Market. Seriously I used to be in Spokane ALL the time, how did our paths never cross?

and those pictures are amazing. I LOVE that heart wreath made out of leaves! You so talented and creative mIss S :) LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

... said...

All that for some cinnamon! Dang girl that sounds pretty crazy! It's nice to know the grocery store employees are so on the ball! :)

Ashley said...

loved the twitter showdown..AND that i recieved most of these photos!

and that story at the pharmacy - epic!!!

still giggling over our sunday convo ;)

Taylor said...

hahaha that last comment was from me, Raven. oops. I was signed in under Taylor who happens to be one of my besties ever and also lives in spokane!!

Taylor said...

hahaha that last comment was from me, Raven. oops. I was signed in under Taylor who happens to be one of my besties ever and also lives in spokane!!

Anonymous said...

Burly and a scrapper? I love your blog, just feel too bad being a grammar nazi to leave this under my name :/ Glad everything ended well!

Sabrina Says Blog said...

Haha Good eye, Anon! Feel free to correct :) I don't take offense!

Unknown said...

So crazy about the pharmacy guy! Sheesh:-) My weekend, we just flew home from Italy yesterday.

Love your blog, glad I found it!

Stephanie said...

Ok that is terrifying about the robber guy-or whoever he was!

Also-LOVE your pics...as usual! xoxo

Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

WOW- That must have been seriously scary!!! I would have freaked out.

Nikki said...

The heart of leaves is so cute. I did something similar with the snow but it sure did not turn out nearly as terrific as yours did.

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