A Blogger's Guide to Love n' Shit: Casey

Remember me?
Sabrina, from Sabrina Says... I thought I should reintroduce myself since I've been gone for about a year.
I do apologize.

Let us play a little catch-up.

okay. caught up? yeahh.... me either. How's about this... I'll ease you in with a guest post.
This is number 3 in my
A Blogger's Guide to Love n' Shit series.

Have you met Casey? Well you should. This girl has got it all! Looks, smarts and a hot ginger!!
They will have the sweetest little gingerbabies :)

Her post is all about expectations and realizations. It's deep folks, real deep.

Hello, Sabrina Says readers!  I am so completely honored to be posting here in Sabrina's world, because I am a huge fan!  Love her sense of humor and her amazeballs outfits, so thanks so much for having me, Sabrina! My name is Casey, and I blog over at Stress Case.
I married the love of my life (seriously, I've known him for 11 years, he is the love of my life), my Handsome Husband, on a pretty cold, but pretty gorgeous day in February of this year!
Here is us on a good day:
But here is what we usually look like:
A couple of lookers right there.
And here is us sealing the deal on February 26, 2011:
I was always that girl who spent countless hours, days, probably cumulative months imagining how my life would end up.  Dreaming up my wedding, picking out kids' names, and just generally laying out the plan for what would end up being my wonderful life.

Growing up, I had quite a few expectations for the first year or so of marriage.
We would have a huge wedding with all of our friends and families present, all of my grandparents (we've got some remarriage goin' on in my hood - that means lots of grandparents) would be sitting beside my parents in the front row beaming as I married the man of my dreams.
My groom would be a few years older than me, established in his career, and really settled.
After our 2-week long honeymoon, we would return to pack up whatever apartment we may have been living in before, to move into the small home with a white-picket fence that we had just closed escrow on.
We would get a cute little puppy who would become the light of our lives.  That is until...
Not even into the first year of being married we would find out that we were expecting, and be overjoyed and so ready for our little family to grow!
I would work, but only until the baby was born and then I would become the ultimate stay-at-home mom, finding fulfillment from raising my children and keeping home for my husband.
And we would love each other so much that even when struggles came our way, we could hold on to one another and make it through all right, if only because we had each other.  And I would literally find myself thanking God daily for giving me the gift of meeting this man, and making him mine.

Yeah, it hasn't exactly turned out to be that way.

We had a beautiful wedding, but not huge by any means.  When daydreaming as a child, I never really mapped out budget in my head, which in real life, had to put a stop to my horse-drawn carriage dreams and champagne wishes.  Our wedding was amazing and so beautiful though, and I will always be grateful to my parents for hosting the most amazing night for us.  And unfortunately, by the time my wedding rolled around, 2 of my many grandparents had passed away, one was gravely ill, and one unable to travel.
Our beautiful reception
The Star of David I pinned into my bouquet in honor of my grandmother, and the locket for my grandfather
My groom is was (and still is, dangit, he will never pass me up!) 1 week younger than me!  We met when we were in junior high, and are both still working on furthering our educations.  He was no more settled when we got married than I was - and it's kind of nice going through the growing up stages together instead of meeting each other at the end of the road.
Us at age 13, a year after we first met
We only managed to go on a one week honeymoon (again, never really thought about the whole taking time off work when daydreaming) - but Handsome Husband's family treated us to an amazing trip to St. Lucia!  
Dinner over the bay in St Lucia
Here's the real kicker.  We didn't quite come home to pack up our little apartment to move into our brand new home.  We didn't even have a little apartment to move out of.  Two months before our wedding, we moved in with my parents.  We were unsure of what our employment would be like, as we were just graduating school, and while it was a little hit to the ego, it seemed best.  We actually still live with my parents now, as we have made the decision to pay off all of our debt (which we finished last month, woo woo!), and save for a down payment on a condo in our area as opposed to renting.  Hopefully it could have a white picket fence.
Due to the not really having a place of our own, there is no little puppy.  We did welcome home a new kitten in June though!
Oh, and the baby thing.  Yeah, not so much.  I get baby fever every once in a while (mostly when I watch HH's super cute 16-month-old second cousin, Lil C), but seriously: I'm Not Ready for Motherhood.  Not ready to make my life 100% about someone other than myself (and my Hubster).  Not ready to not be able to go out and get drizzunk on the weekends without a babysitter.  And so.  not.  ready.  to lose my very valued good night's sleep.
Me and the only babe I need for now, Lil C
And work?  I love it.  I live for it.  I can't imagine a life without it.  I am a pediatric nurse, and I plan on being one for my whole life, and I'm not sure I could ever give that up totally.  (Good thing I've got quite some time to figure that one out.)
And we love each other so much that when struggles come our way, we hold on to one another and make it through all right, even if only because we have each other.  And I literally find myself thanking God daily for giving me the gift of meeting this man and making him mine.
Thanks again for having me, Sabrina!  Come on over and give my blog a little looksie, if y'all are so inclined!  You can read our whole love story (it's a good one), see more wedding photos, and see what I'm grateful for every Sunday.


ashleigh said...

so sweet that they have known eachother that long!
and im excited to go read her blog!

Samantha said...

The pic of you two in junior high is precious!


Young and Fabulous said...

ahhh this is so romantic! i love a couple who can be serious/lovey, and then have a wild fun crazy side! those are the best!

and you guys in junior high...omg im dying that pic is amazing!! 11 years is a long time and i love that you say he is the love of your LIFE...since its been 11 years...that is truly amazing :-)


Erin said...

This post just made my heart so happy. I have tears in my eyes. Wow great guest post! Probably my favorite ever in all of blogland!

Taylor said...

This is so beautiful! I love this guest post very romantic and so true on how we see our lives when we are younger of the family fence..storybook and then those turn to mush but we get our castle in the end just took a different way to get there

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