Alright Stop, Collaborate and Listen.


(Shirt, Socks, Scarf and Blazer- Nordstrom; Leggings- Aritzia; Shoes- Target; Ring and bracelets- F21; Watch- Michael Kors)

I've got nothin. Not single clever or funny word left in my brain. Officially running on empty. Well I guess I'm technically running on caffeine...either way. 

Yesterday Rissy asked me to share a picture of my leggings to the whole Twitter universe.... I didn't end up doing it yesterday, but TODAY, my friends... it's your lucky day.

Here are my floral leggings in all of their girly/nerdy glory. 


Yes.. I am wearing leggings as pants. Don't you dare judge me, I know you do it too :)


Happy Friday!

What are your weekend plans? 
I have Sunday Off!! Yay for Bloody Marys!

I hope you get Vanilla Ice stuck in your head :)

P.S. I get to meet up with THIS girl on Sunday! Beee jealous :)


Torrie said...

This entire outfit is PERFECT! The leggings, socks & boots, all fantastic!

Have a happy weekend :)

Michelle (michabella) said...

OMG. How adorable are you?!?! LOVE those leggings! I NEED THAT SCARF btw. Have a great weekend!!!

And yes, that vanilla ice song will be stuck in my head all day. Thank you.

Carly Ann said...

love your hair & love your outfit. such a cutie.

Rissy said...

your hair looks fantastic!!!

you are allowed to wear leggings as pants because you have awesome legs.

umm p.s. love, where did you get them. I may need some.


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, I lovee that scarf, the colour looks lovely on you!! xx


Samantha said...

Super cute! I wear leggings as pants too, don't you worry... you are not alone!


Anupriya DG said...

Those leggings are so pretty! <3

Ashley said...

i totally found myself hearing vanilla ice playing in my head and starting bobbing my head...wth LOL.

okay, i sooo wear leggings as pants! all.the.time. :)

lastly, again that hair of yours is gorge!!

NeuroticLover said...

I'm wearing leggings as pants RIGHT NOW! Haha. It's cold, and they're comfy, nuff said. :) Yours are way cuter though!! Love them.

Young and Fabulous said...

ok i could never pull off those fabbo leggings girl

you so HAWT

and your hair is just awesome...it fits you perfectly

ice is back with a brand new invention!!!! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Those leggings are awesome!!! I wear leggings as pants too but only with BIG shirts! I got a huge booty LOL :)

Megan said...

you look freaking gorgeous!

Raquel said...

love love loove the whole outfit! So perfect :)

Raven said...


and ok, so the tights as pants I can deal with. but Sabrina, are those SOCKS you scrunched down? and what are those shoe thingys?? ha!! ok I love you. I will stop now. Because you know I LOVE your style. Maybe just not the scrunchy socks :)

Keri said...

cute leggings! and i loooooooove that scarf. i need to step up my knitting game.
p.s. your hair looks great!

meghan said...

I love wearing leggings as pants. They're my favorite for a lazy evening.

Ashley Slater said...

yep I do it all the time, but I have never seen any with huge flowers on them! awesome! were you wearing them last night? maybe that is why creeper at the bar wouldn't stop staring at you! hahah

and I am so jealous about your meetup. :(

Rebeka said...

1. your outfit is completely perfect! I LOVE all of it. Good work, lady!

2. Bloody Marys are the best! Enjoy!

3. Still loving your short haircut, super cute!

4. I'm sorry you're feeling so drained. Things will get better soon. They have to, right?

... said...

these are so stinking cute!! :) love them!

sea to shining port said...

Love the hair cut!!!

- Caitlin @ seatoshiningport.blogspot.com

Taylor said...

So happy i got to meet up with you!!! Can't wait for many more "non work related" meet ups..Especially come December 18, I can't remember what we were doing..but I am sure it will come to me

I may be having second thoughts on you as my photog. the photographer isn't supposed to be more gorgeous than the bride. Just not fair..is there ANY POSSIBLE way to ugly you up? maybe stick some warts or something to your face and a fake nose? You're gonna steal my spotlight hot mamacita!

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