A Year Of Sabrina

This year has brought so many amazing things! It's funny to look back at some of the posts from a year ago this time and realize how much my blog has grown from then! I really can't thank you guys enough for all of your support and loyalty! Big time blog love!

Here's a look at a year ago:

I didn't blog on my birthday last year so this post was really the start of my new found love for blogging/ vlogging.

According to the google machine, people love this outfit.

...and this one

Now some pictures of my year!
To start it off, I was Snooky for Halloween. Classic. 

Taught an amazing 3rd grade class

Got to be with my best friend right after Sam was born.


Spent quality time with my family
We made silly putty

Rapped Gold Digger at a friends wedding.
I promise I didn't highjack the mic!Photobucket

Made jello shots for a river float. Fred was our mascot.


Went to Cali for the 4th of July


Made some wonderfriends through my blog and actually got to meet them!




I was blessed a a new nephew and niece.



My blog has almost triple the amount of readers as it did last year! I am SO thankful for all of my readers and all of the great people I have met through this incredible year!

I can't wait to show you all of the exciting things I have been working on lately!
I'm heading off to Seattle today to go visit my brother and spend some time in the Emerald City! See you Monday, Loves! And thanks a million for the birthday wishes!

Ohhh.. and here are some of my gifts!

Yes... I bought myself the iphone :) I'm impatient! 



Erica send me an amazing gift!! I cannot wait to take pic with this camera in Seattle!

Happy Friday!


NeuroticLover said...

Happy birthday!!!! Thanks for allowing all of us into your wonderful life! Hope this next year is just as great, no wait, BETTER than the last!! :)

Young and Fabulous said...

hahah oh sabrina i just LOVE YOU!!! i am beeeeyond excited and happy that you like it :-) and i cant wait to see what kind of pics you take with it eeee!!

wasnt kurt such a trooper with this video!?! i didnt even have to pull teeth I was like "im gonna record myself singing and dancing to sabrina for her birthday will you wear funny glasses?" and he was like ok sure...I mean, I do like her blog! hahah!

happy happy happy birthday!!


So shay said...

Soooooo many things to cover right now.

1.) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I think I've told you this on all social media's today. Mission accomplished.

2) Miss you. Love you.

3) It's been a good year...I especailly loved the Snooki outfit AND your trip to Texas. Maybe I'm biased but STILL.

4) I have a feeling this year is going to be the best yet. For one, because next year's birthday post will have VEGAS in it for our blogger meet up! Duhhhh!

5) I just love Erica. I still feel so blessed y'all came to visit me. So much love for you two. Best present ever. My birthday is in January Erica...hint hint ;)

6) You are going to have to tell me how you like the Hana! I need a new straightening iron. So, yes, keep me posted.

7) I expect tons of pictures this weekend.

8) Drew Drew Hot Pants says, "Happpy Birthday!!!!"

9) Piper and Furlee love you.

10) Your present is almost finished. Then I will be sending it you. Happy Belated Birthday. Sorry it's late. So typical of me haha.


So shay said...

Leave it to me to have a million typo's. #gottaloveme

Ashley said...

I'm so happy I found your cute lil' blog! You're def a rock star chica! You totally rocked that Snooki outfit for Halloween! haha! I sooooo love that you rapped gold digger at your friends wedding...how friggin' cool is that!?! I'm sooo jelly you girls had a blate weekend getaway...awesome! i'm going on my first blate tomorrow and can't wait!!! hope you have the bestest bday eva! :)

ms.composure said...

happy bday!!! looks like you had an amazing year!!!


Megan said...

Happy Birthday :) Hope this coming year is even better than the last!

Angel said...

I love your blog! I've read it for a while now, but I absolutely love it - it's one of my favorites!!

Happy late Birthday! :)

Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday pretty girl!!!!!!! YOUr Snooki costume is awesome!

Ashley said...

happy birthdya my lovey!!you are so right - blog friends are the best! Erica is THE BOMB!

hope you're having an amazing time in Seattle!


Stephanie said...

wow I totally didn't even wish you a happy birthday. I'm wayyyyy late to the party sister. So sawwy!!!

That Erica...she's so thoughtful!!

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