Weekend Rundown

Friday I packed my bags and drove to Seattle for some much needed quality time with my brother. We spent the weekend shopping, eating good food and enjoying each others' company. It was so great that I didn't have to work, it is rare that I ever get a weekend off. Busy season has just begun in the restaurant biz.

Are a few pictures from my weekend


Oh.. and watch this video. When I heard the music playing I ran down the street because I thought it was going to be a flash mob. #Iwanttobeinone

Instead I found this man playing the violin. Kind of hot, right? He's got some swag.

What did you do this weekend? Give me your rundown!


Young and Fabulous said...

mmm mmmmmmmmm mike n ikes!

jealous of your weekend in SEATTLEEEE and visiting your bro bro!

im dying to be in a flashmob too! theyre so much fun to watch


Anonymous said...

I wish I had a weekend like yours! Sounds like you had an awesome time!!
The violin playing was pretty sweet, too!

Ashley said...

cute pics! ummm, that guy def has some swag! how cool!

AliB said...

Stumbled on your blog at random and just have to say... I always get all nostalgic and sad (but in a good way) when I see pics of Seattle... where I spent my last years in the US (before running off to marry my Latin lover in Argentina!!) What I would give for like a few more months there!

So shay said...

your weekend looked lovely! i wish i could have been there to celebrate with youuuu.

i so want to be a part of a flash mob. how cool would that be!?

love you!

Tanya said...

I don't know how often you to go Seattle, but there's a group there that organizes flash mobs - https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Agency-Flash-Mobs!!

I've been in a bunch over the last year, including this Glee one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftt9wCYH4o0

They're A LOT of fun!!!

Rissy said...

I REALLY like Asian guys... I guess it's a strange quark of mine (which I maybe should have expressed to you via a private message but hey)... there was a bubble tea addiction in college that had very little to do with bubble tea ; )

I'm so happy that you got to spend a weekend with your brother! Brothers can be the absolute best sometimes.

undomestic mama said...

Hope I didn't creep you out with all my questions about Seattle, it just surprises me when bloggers I follow end up in Seattle. I would have thought that guy was part of a flash mob too, there's a pretty cool Thriller one coming up.

Raquel said...

Oh my goodness i love Seattle! I miss it so much! :( I used to live 20-30 minutes from seattle, but just 2 years ago I moved to DC.

My-cliffnotes said...

I love Seattle, did you partake in any of the WSU/OSU festivities ;)

PorkStar said...

Wow so very cool. There is a dude here in NY, from the music under NY scene that plays rock covers with his violin, pretty impressive as well, he has a lot of audience and a great following.

ashley said...

I have a sweet spot for mike and Ike's ... they're my reward for running (or not running, haha)

Love the cute spider cake! happy halloween weekend! :)

Ashley said...

Love your weekend rundown! loved the text play by plays even more! hope you had a great halloween weekend - your costume was sizzzzzling!


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