Things In Threes

Today is Madness. The good kind.


I'm over here at Mackey Madness today! I was so honored when she asked me to guest post in her "These Three Things"Series!

So go on and read my post over there. And then read Megan's whole blog... I know you won't be able to help it!

Oh, And just in case you were wondering... This is what I look like right now.


You can blame midterms.


Raven said...

I loved your post over at Megans!! But I just love you. And you STILL look super cute in your picture. Midterms schmidterms, you always look great!!!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Just stopped by from Megan's blog and you are too cute!

Whitney @ justacountry-girl said...

Loved your post over at megan's! You are so charming and genuine pretty girl. I think you are an absolute doll. Good luck on midterms! :-)

Young and Fabulous said...

sabrina. if you had a face full of nasty gross zits and if your hair looked like a flock of birds was living in it, i STILL think you would look gorg! and thats coming from the bottom of my lil old heart! haha

but really...i loved your '3 things' and I am excited for your birthday coming up. who knows...i might just send myself or your gift ;-) OR...send u something awesome


So shay said...

^^^^^^^^^ And I know what it isssssssssss and it's SUPER awesome. ^^^^^^^^^^^^

Which reminds me, what do you want for your birthday? BECAUSE there is not way I'll top Erica's gift. Hmmmm....

You're amazing love bug!

So shay said...

no*way wow I suck at typind.

Whim Wham Life said...

read it. love it. boom. xoxo

Ashley said...

Good luck on midterms!!! Loved your post over at Megans :)

So shay said...


AM I making you laugh today?

I sure hope I am.

Because I can't type for crap.

Hence my TWO mistakes in a row.

I blame my new position at work.

I'm trying to be sneaky and it isn't working.


Sorry for all the typos.

And if I have another typo in this post, IGNORE IT! please?

Megan said...

Thanks so much for guest posting for me!! It was wonderful!! : )

Impulsive Addict said...

Loved your post over at Megan's! You are super funny and gorg! (I'm happily married to a man...so no need to worry)

Have fun with midterms!

But the weekend is here! Have a good one~

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