Oh Memories

I love capturing memories. Let me tell you why.

First of all I have the worst memory in the world. It's a fact, I think I'm in the Guinness Book. My memory works for random facts, movie lines and song lyrics. That's about it. So pictures/ video really bring me joy in the sense they remind me of what actually happened. Case in point: I forgot ALLL about this conversation!

*Yeah we got some dirty looks from his "big sister"

Secondly I love looking back and remembering how dorky me and my friends were/are. That will never get old.

Rissy- We dropped it like it was hot for YOU!

And lastly, I love seeing joy and happiness in others! It's such a great feeling when you look at a person, a couple or a group of people and know in that moment they are truly experiencing happiness. Maybe that happiness fades but that picture is a constant reminder. I love it. I do I do.

I'm off to send out a package to my dear friend and bride to be, Elise!

Oh! And if you follow me on Twitter you probably saw this video yesterday. I hope I can make more videos of all of the amazing blogger meet ups that are bound to happen! Yes, Raven, I am talking to you!


Candace said...

Um I want to join in on one of these get togethers. You guys look like too much fun! This made me smile:)

Stephanie said...

I love y'all. So stinkin' cute.

Raven said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! OMG you girls!!! Booty dancing in the aisles of the store HAHAHA!!


seriously. best. video. ever. Makes me EVEN MORE upset I wasn't there. You girls are honestly the best. My best friends and I haven't even met ya'll!! oh but I will!! Yes Sabrina, we basically live in each others back yard. I emailed you back about the potential meet up a few days ago, did you get? :)

Anonymous said...

Omg! You guys remind me of how my friends and I act in public. Sometimes I hate being military because you lose contact with people and it's hard to make new friends with always moving.

You girls are lucky to have met each other through blogging and have such a strong friendship. Thanks for sharing, I laughed through every booty shaking moment.

Samantha said...

Umm, I definitely want to join in on these blogger meet ups too!! Come to Wisconsin!!!!!!! :)


Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I know I say this a lot, but you all look like so much fun and I'm super jealous.

I also would love to know how you edit your videos?

choose to be happy blog said...

this seriously is just the BEST. the best of the best. so fun to see yall in "real life" real life you know being a video.

i LOVED the sun drop dancing. and the person with the cart who walked right by. hahaha
and erica's bull riding and yall and waaaaaaaa looks like so much fun!!!!

Carrie said...

Omg - BEST. VIDEO. EVER. The sun drop dancing at the store? Hilarious. The bull riding? Slapping the butt! I cannot stop laughing, I am going to have to watch this again. You girls are too cute!

Young and Fabulous said...

all i have to say besides OMG is..


seriously sabrina. not only are u the cutest funnest person alive, but so tallllented! with yo vid editing skills!

can we go back to this weekend PLEASE?? and u guys can all slap ya bums on the bull?

omg i miss you both way too much

im going to watch these over and over again hahah


Wegan said...

I love filming too as I also have a VERY bad memory! Maybe Im with you in the guinness world records? ;)

M x www.whatwegandidnext.com

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