Ginger Cat

First things first. How cute is this squirrel? Secondly.... Look at that dude reading a book with a cat next to him!

I actually only wanted a picture of that, but didn't want to be a dick, so the squirrel was a cop out/ bonus. 
Murphy was the cat's name, in case you were wondering. Murphy the ginger. 


Now you can look at pictures of me being shameless in a public park. 



Oh look! Shoes! Bet you've never seen those before.

(Jeans- Joe's, Booties- Vince Camuto, Bracelets, Tank and shirt- F21, Watch- Michael Kors)







As Far as witty banter goes, that's all you get. which is a carried-over version from yesterdays' drunken rambling. Maybe I need to drink and blog more often?

Do you drink? Do you blog?
Do you Blunk? Bloging while Drunk.
Do tell. 


Young and Fabulous said...

GINGA! hes a ginge :-) so cute

come to Boston...the sqirrels here are like freakin LEAVES...everywhere...and they come up to people like nobody's bizzness

im in love with your pisc you little beauty queen. I also am in love with your Joes. Joes and I have a love affair..so comfy


So shay said...

Gorgeous pics dahling! Besides all the stunning pics of youuuu, I really like the picture of the pink tree and water. GORGEOUS. I want to hang it up somewhere. Love love! Miss you tons, oh, and love the shoes! Are those similar to the ones you tried on at Aldo when you were here?

Jess said...

You're so pretty! The ginger cat is cute, too. I don't blame you for stealthily trying to take his picture. When I was in college, the squirrels on campus loved the students. We'd always feed them and we were always nice to them. There was one squirrel that didn't have a tail, and everyone knew not to mess with him. I have thousands of squirrel pictures from college.

Caitlin said...

Blogging while drunk. That could be very dangerous.
And that man brought his cat to the park? Strange.
Love those shoes!

kaity said...

love the shoes! and the sneaky photo. :]sometimes it's just necessary to find surreptitious ways to be a creeper.

Rissy said...

blunking is something I have never done... dexting and dacebooking I'm all over though ; )

That looks like one lucky tree in one of those pics... I mean you are caressing it's branches beautifully ; )

I wish I had the gonads to take pics of myself in public.

Whim Wham Life said...

soon, soon, I will be drinking again. oh how i've missed my coke and rums! xoxo

Unknown said...

ummmm is that seriously a squirrel?? Because that thing is HUGE. Definitely no squirrels like that where I live. Maybe that one is just really well fed?

Ashley said...

very cute pics! i love your style!

Raquel said...

You're too cute!! Love these pictures :)

Anonymous said...

Blogging while drunk?
That actually tempts me.. shame I'm on antibiotics and had to hang up my wine glasses for a week.. boo
Please have a drink for me and keep posting great pictures!

Lizzy said...

I love the guy with the cat!!! I saw a guy a few weeks ago walking a cat on a leash. It was pretty funny and I totally should have snapped a picture!

Torrie said...

Love the cat, too funny, just chillin in the park with his "dad"?! Anywho, that photo of the red tree and the water is GORGEOUS, seriously so pretty! Plus, those booties are awesome, the lacing is so cool!

Stephanie said...

is it just me or is that squirrel ginormous? (Yes-these are the things I think of...) Anywho-I totally have done the same thing...want a pic of one thing but take a picture of something "not so obvious"...great minds think alike.

Anywho-you're adorable (as always) and that pink tree is pretty flipping amazing. We don't have pink trees in Texas...only...old, crusty, no-leaf trees. Wah. ;)

Oh-and yes...I've blunked once or twice before. I've also tweeted drunk...several times...would that be considered a "Twunk" (tweeting while drunk) or a "Dreet" (drunk tweet)...

and wow-i'll stop rambling now. kbye. :)

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