It's Just Too Much


(Shirt, Pants- Nordstrom- Vest- Thrifted, Shoes- Seychelles "Clue" Booties, Necklace, Rings- F21, Watch- Fossil Polish- OPI 'Mod About You')

For some reason I can't get the words out. I'm not sure why, but this post was originally supposed to be about an entirely different topic.  So For now... it will be about this.

There are those people that come into your life that you know will be there forever. Whether you talk everyday, once a week, once a year... or you may never talk to them again. They hold a little piece of your heart. I am so fortunate to have friends and family that will always be there for me and love me unconditionally. This year has brought a lot of change. And I am changing for the better. The coming and going of friends, change in jobs, and complete heartbreak. Somethings are easier to get over than others. I'm sure you can guess which one I am still dealing with. 
That is what I was going to post about.
Unfortunately, It's almost like reliving it as I type each word. 
So, for now, I will be thankful. 

Thankful for the love in my life. The love that I experience everyday. 
And the future love that I so truly deserve. 


P.s. Are Harem pants even cool anymore? haha I'm not exactly sure if they are... but can I tell you how COMFY they are! It's like cute, thin sweatpants!

P.p.s. Thanks for being there through my postponing. I promise I will eventually find the words to say. (It's actually all written down. I just need to get the balls to press Publish).

"Got the weight of the world, I summon you here my love" -Spoon


Sarah & Carrie said...

Yes, Harem pants can still be cool. You look great! And everything looks worse at night... that's what my mom always said!

Young and Fabulous said...

love this post sabrina...and thepics are GORGEOUS! I am pretty much in love with that third pic where you can see your watch. DIVA!

I am also still dealing with stuff from a while ago and while it is unfortunate, it does help me realize a lot! Change is good :-) You deserve the BESTT!

hugs and kisses!

ashleigh said...

i am so jealous of how photogenic you are!
love this outfit;
and that bag;
who takes your pictures for you?
or do you have like a tripod?


Kate said...

Love this outfit and these pics! You are beautiful and deserving of everything! xo

ronan said...

i love your outfit and your pics are great!:) loving your shoes xxx


Rissy said...

well my love, you rock. if you ever need to/want to talk you can text me, email me whenever whatever.

that one pic is fierce and I love it... very "I am woman, hear me roar" even thought your mouth is closed hehe


Raven said...

Life is just full of the good and the bad, isn't it?

Knowing what I do know of you, I'm sure you will overcome all and be right back to your gorgeous self.

I for one, did miss your posts!

So shay said...

Seriously can't get over how gorgeous you are. YOU ROCK it girl...I really can't wait to take pics of you!!! 7 weeks!!! :)

Lauren said...

You are SO SO SO pretty! :) I love your outfits!

Michelle said...

You are gorgeous girl...and changes are grand, especially in the end when you can understand why some things happen the way they do! ;)

Unknown said...

what an adorable outfit! and your'e gorgeous too! i love harem pants, don't care if they are cool or not - soo comfy.

Megan said...

At last I have the ability to remember to comment on gorgeous posts I see at work during the day. Just wanted to say that you looked gorgeous in your last couple of posts. I loved the mermaid eyes and today's outfit/hair/nails/make-up is also totally gorgeous!

I can't say that I know what you are going through, but I understand that heartache can be one crappy hellish ordeal. But you, girl, are beautiful inside and out and with a heart of gold you are sure to find someone who will make you happy and who deserves you.

Megan said...

I just used gorgeous three times. Perhaps it's time for a new word. I just weened myself off lovely.

Shay said...

The second I saw your pants I fell in love. But considering I am not very cool dont take it from me...;-) You look gorgeous!

Kristal said...

What a great post Sabrina, so real. I can relate and thank you for being so honest. We all most definitely go through these moments of evaluating our lives and the people in it. Change is such a hard thing but it is also an inevitable thing. Embrace it. I love that you are thankful and finding positivity. You so truly deserve love, the very best kind...and I'm glad you know it! I love your nail polish choice too.


PorkStar said...

Amazing pictures.. and whatever or whomever is disturbing your heart in the wrong way, certainly doesn't deserve you.

Katie said...

You are adorable! found your blog through a friends. Love all the pics :)


ashlyn | nicole said...

im loving the harlem pants. i now need a pair because of you -- along with that vest that you thrifted {want}!

stay strong girl. you are better than any guy! just keep on smiling!

LuLu said...

I think you look great! I was actually thinking when I saw that first picture I wish I could pull of those pants! So in my eyes they are cool. I also love the shoes you paired with the outfit - seychelles have really been growing on my lately!

On another note - I know what you mean on trying to get the right words out there and you really just can't put your finger on how you want to say something. They will come out eventually!

A Candid Life

ElisabethCS said...

Your blog has gotten even better, girlie! Love all the gorgeous photography! You seem to have gotten even prettier...Are you taking them yourself? love!!!

The Happy Yoga Mom

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