A Happier Place

(Dress- Oldnavy, Headband- DIY, Vest-Thrifted, Necklace- F21, Shoes- Target, Bracelet- Harakjuku Lovers, Watch-Fossil)

I promise, I am not depressed. Just going through a little thing. Although my last post seemed mopey and sad. I am actually VERY happy. 
I just want to say thank you for all of your sweet comments and thank you for actually reading what I had to say. It's silly, but that is why I actually keep up this blog. So I can write. It is my outlet, my journal, my relief. It's what I love. Photos are another love, yes... but I do hope that you read :)

Sometimes I feel like I should have grown up in the late 60s. Flower child, free spirit, peace love and happiness. All of the above.
(Minus the massive amounts of drugs and lovemaking with strangers...to put it lightly.
But you know,  I'm all about that rock n' roll)

I love adventure, doing things on a whim, being the unexpected. 
Love Love. Live Life. 
Be Young. 
Just Be.  



Taking time to enjoy. You should too! 
Go put a flower in your hair, my little free birds. 


kimberly @ lush lounge said...

I'm a flower child tooo! :) you are gorgeous! can u please post a tutorial on that headband!!? I lovee it.
xo, kimberly

Young and Fabulous said...

i read evvvvery word pretty little lady!

i must say i love this flower child hippy look. you pull it off well. actually you pull EVERY outfit off well and therefore I am jealous!

im going through a little thing too. its called GETTING EXCITED to see you!


PorkStar said...

Beautiful post. Although I'm not a big fan of the 60's, I do love the idea that it represented. Minus the big hair, drugs and lack of shower.

Your pictures are more beautiful each time. Are you sure you are not a pro at this? If so, share the knowledge, dude, cause I sure have a hard time getting good pics of people.

Rissy said...

I could totally see you in the 60s! I'll think about letting you use my time machine ; )

Your pictures are always amazing.... but I'd have that gum bubble pic plastered everywhere on the internet if it were me hehe

When I get married, can you and Shalyn both photograph? I mean if we aren't all using walkers by then...

So shay said...

I love Erica's enthusiasm. I can't wait to see youuuu too.

And I love what Rissy said too ;) Hmmm great minds think alike no!? :) :) :)

I still want your headband!


Alex Byer said...

You are just too cute. I'm glad you're feeling better :) And some days I feel like I should have been a flower child too.

Tanya Dempsey said...

you made that headband? so adorable. and so are you!

Unknown said...

How super duper cute and glad to hear you are as happy as can be! You have just inspired me to find a cute headband to wear for this weekend. Yayyyy - it's almost Friday! I sooo need a break already :)

Caitlin said...

I think this might be one of my favorite outfits of yours. I LOVE the flower child look and think all the time that I was born in the wrong decade. You're fabulous, love your blog.

Megan and Justin said...

you are seriously adorable! love this look.

Megan said...

You are seriously just the cutest thing ever! You definitely look like a 60's flower child. : ) Loving your positive words!

Dana Fox said...

You would have made a fabulous flower child ;). Love your outfit and words of wisdom
Xox Dana

Deidre said...

I am flower child in spirit, but not really in fashion. You're rocking that head band though.

I keep my blog too for the personal outlet. Writing is good for the soul.

Andrew said...

I don't think I would look good with a flower in my hair. Just saying... Haha you do though so it's all good. Every chica should rock the flower every now and then.

Whim Wham Life said...

We were so meant to be friends, my fellow flower child sister! I love the beautiful joy you emanate! xoxo

Anupriya DG said...

You're looking the perfect 80s chick! Loving that neckpiece.....& the headband!! :)

Shay said...

Ah yes, love this! I do read:-) You look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE those pictures girly! You are too adorable!

Unknown said...

you look like Mandy Moore in that last pic, and all they're all so fun looking!

Bren @ B So Chic!™

Kristen Thornburg said...

Love love love that headband!

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