Dancing in the Dark

Another end to a week. Another beginning of a glorious weekend. The only plans this girl has is hitting up a winery on Sunday. A few of my girl friends and I will be lounging in the sun, sipping local wines, and listening to live music as the breeze blows through the hill top.

A few exciting things coming up:
  • 2 Vlogs (one is HILARIOUS)
  • Hair Tutorial
  • Shooting engagement pictures for a friend
Things are looking up! So my lovelies, (I am toasting you) Here's to sunshine, love and wine! I'll be back in full force on Monday. Until then I'll leave you with these pictures. 



Have a Ridiculously Amazing Weekend!


Caitlin said...

Sunshine, love, and wine.. three of my favorite things! Love that hair.. makes me wish mine wasn't so short! Hope you have a great weekend!

So shay said...

Sounds like a FABULOUS weekend my dear. Wish I could be there on Sunday with you. Have fun at the photoshoot! It's so much fun :) And as always, LOVE yo hair. Shooooot.

Hollie Ann said...

Yay I love vlogs!!

Kallie Anna said...

love, love, loveeee the hairstyle!

jessica said...

o lawdy girl i wonder what vloggin you got in store for us!

im excited!

Raven said...

well YOU just have a ridiculously fabulous weekend!!

p.s. is one of those funny blogs the youknowwhat??

Lauren said...

Sounds Amazing! I don't think you could get much prettier! :)

ronan said...

sounds great :) can't wait to see everything xxx

ashlyn | nicole said...

girl you are beautiful! & i love your blog. can't wait to listen to your vlogs {newest follower}

have a great weekend!

LuLu said...

The sunset behind her head in that first picture is absolutely gorgeous!

A Candid Life

Samantha said...

Sounds fantastic! A little jealous of your weekend - I love winery's!


amy said...

These photographs are stunning.
Such pretty colors. and softness.

/sweetness xx
hope to hear from you*!

Kristen Thornburg said...

Looking forward to seeing some the photographs you take!

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