Can I brag for a minute?

I am the proudest auntie in the world! I am so lucky to have these beautiful babes in my life! They bring me SO much joy. Meet the crew:


The Newest Addition: Baby James


Stone. He's not afraid to say it like it is.




Queenie. Sweet pea to the core.





And the Birthday Girl Aspen. Such a little drama queen. I love this little girl!

It's always so nice to be around family. My nieces and nephews are so beautiful and smart. I have been so blessed to watch them grow up. Jim, my step dad, has been such an amazing addition into all of our lives. On top of making my mom extremely happy, we combined families. His kids are the most wonderful, thoughtful, sweet and caring people. I am so lucky to have them in my life, Plus they have really cute kids that I get to chase around.


Gentri said...

My nieces and nephew are the best. I so know how you feel! I love them to death!

jessica said...

aw they are precious!

my sis is expecting her first baby in Jan..i totally cant wait to be an auntie! i've heard wonderful things about it!!

Alex Byer said...

Oh my goodness they're beyond adorable! Being an auntie is the best :)

So shay said...

I can't wait for my brother to have babies! I need babies in my life...just not my own haha. yet.

Melody said...

how cute! My sister just had a baby boy, so exciting after having 5 nieces! We needed a boy around here lol

Young and Fabulous said...

they are SO ADORABLE!!! AH!! I love little kids! you are such a fab auntie! :-D

I miss when my cousins were little. My sister and I could do their hair, put them in dresses, and did I mention they were boys? hahah don't worry...i dont think they remember any of it ;-)

great post! absolutely love the pics!


Whim Wham Life said...

Ummm, yep. Brag away. They are adorable little munchkins:-) xoxo

ashleigh said...

so adorable!
oh em gee;
love the pictures;
so cute =]]

Kristal said...

They are so adorable and I love their names! Being with family is the best!

Anupriya DG said...

Awwwwww.......they all are sooooooo adorable & cute!!! Lucky you! <3

Shay said...

Yes, being an aunt is the BEST! And you sure do have some cute nieces and nephews!

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