What I've been up to.

I know.. I know. I've been MIA. I just wanted to catch you up a little bit before I head out for the weekend. I am heading on another field trip for my class. This time we are actually going some place that I LOVE! We are going to pick huckleberries and float the river. Or atleast that's what I plan on doing :)

I've been drinking a lot of these..
I got bags of spinach for a DOLLAR the other day! So I've been a smoothie making machine. Yum

On my little road trip I stopped to get some fresh fruit at a market.
Rainier Cherries are the BEST. Yum.
I made these a while ago, but they were DELISH and so simple. I'm going to have a bbq soon so these will definitely be making an appearance. 

I promise I will be featuring more outfit posts next week! I don't think you would be interested in what I've been wearing lately, my wardrobe consists of yoga pants and flip flops or work clothes. Both equally unattractive. 
P.S. I was SO excited last night when I got to work because I was assigned an 8-person party in our private dining area. They were all French Business men that spent a lot of money. Their tab was close to $900...can you guess the tip? 

I don't usually stereotype... but holy french toast. They are NOT good tippers. 



kimberly @ lush lounge said...

that all looks awesome!!! I'm a new follower, found you on someone twitter followers lol :)
xo kimberly.

Courtlyn Ash said...

Not gonna lie, i've never seen a green smoothie!?!? I'm assuming it's really healthy??? And gah. sorry about the tip :/ that's gotta suck! Looks like you had an awesome road trip though!~ xoxo

Kristal said...

Those smoothies look D'LISH! I totally support the yoga pants and flips flops, I'm guilty of those myself. I just added your blog to my top favs. Love reading it!

Have a great weekend!


Young and Fabulous said...

oh man...before you said the french were not good tippers, i took out my calc and tried to figure it out and was then very jealous of your tip.

but BOOOO FRENCH TOAST!! thats uber lame

i like your nailpolish in your stuffing face photo! please share what it is pretty please!

i think you should have included your video rendition of super bass, cooler than me, Colors, and Diva! because that was definetely amazing


Hollie Ann said...

someone just linked me to the green monster post today! you're making me hungry sabrina!

Sharde said...

maaan youre tellin me girl. as a hairdresser i get the same stuff. chronic bad tippers and they still expect to get the full shabang? no thanks :)

Unknown said...

I'm a private chef and always love to see how non-chefs use amazing products--- ie, those tomatoes are amazing looking... Great find! ;) Happy summer!

B So Chic!™

Amanda said...

I've been living in yoga pants lately too! And I was a server for 3 years and often had the same situation as you did with your French guys. I once had a $150 tab and got 2 cents ... I wish I was joking!

Hopefully you did a little better than that :)

Ashley said...

hey, what do you put in your green monster drink???

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