I thought I would throw in a little outfit post in between my Cali recaps. Ya know.. just to spice things up a bit.

And let me tell you! I brought the sunshine back from California. Why yes I did! Stuffed it right into my back pocket.

Spokane is finally getting a little taste of summer. (Mine taste like fruits and veggies because I am on a major detox after the partying!) It's probably best, anyway.

I went to this little park near my house to snap a few shots before work. As I was rompin around trying to adjust the white balance on my camera and walk down hill... I twisted an ankle!! I sure looked like a fool! Who goes on a hike in wedges?

Well, then I noticed this man in his car pull up. No, not because he was all-sorts-of-hot. Because he was BLASTING  "Total eclipse of the heart" from his Ford Taurus. Needles to say, I got his digits.

Kidding of course. But he did watch my entire photoshoot and then proceeded to whistle as I trekked back to my car. Really dude? Is that really how you get chicks? I think he just expected me to jump in his Taurus and ride into the sunset. Or maybe something a little less innocent. #townfullofcreepers

Okay Okay... with out further adieu:

(Romper- F21, Shoes-Ross Bracelettes- Nordstom, F21, Macys, Bag- JoTotes)

Yes, I know this picture is seriously awkward. I wanted to add it  so I could show you my new camera bag!

Ohh... and those ugly things on my legs? Yeeeeahhh.. I fell off a bike. A few times.
I'll be posting pictures of that fiasco in the next few posts. 

p.s. Thank you Shalyn for suggesting JoTotes!! I LOVE my bag! And I LOVE you!


Megan said...

You are gorgeous!! I would definitely have been creeped out by someone watching. Did you have someone taking pictures for you or you used a tripod?

Young and Fabulous said...


i think you should have given him your digits. maybe he could become your photographer! ok creepy dont do that haha

absolutely LOVING that bag!!

you should check out www.capturingcouture.com ... awesome camera straps I am lusting over the rose ones!


Chelsea said...

Your little photo shoots are so stinkin' perfect :) That camera bag is amazing! I definitely have to check out JoTotes!! Oh yeah, and I just love your hair.

Hollie Ann said...

I almost bought that romper at Nordstrom!!! Where is your blue bag from? I live in California and would love to visit Spokane :X

Lindsay said...

You're so pretty!! I'm loving those wedges! :)

elizalouise.bell said...

Stop being so gosh darn adorable! : )Jk. You look good girlfran!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous photo shoot! Love the pics and the story about the creeper (note= the STORY about the creeper..not THE creeper) haha


Heather said...

you are so so beautiful! Kinda can't blame the guy for watching, you are so pretty, though it makes it no less creppy! Cute outfit too!

-Heather from lifeofapasseri.blogspot.com

Kristine said...

Spokane!? Love Spocompton! :) I live on the other side of the state from you! Which means we are practically neighbors, haha.

Um, if I would've seen that man blasting my all time fave kareoke song, I probably would've sang along with him. As awkward as that might be.

Megan and Justin said...

romper?!!!!! seriously adorable! I could never pull that off :) love it!

Melody said...

i hate creepy men..do they really think someones just gonna be like oh hey, yea sure I'll come over cause your whistling at me?! weirdos..lol

anywayyy...you look great, cute wedges!!

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

cute romper and CUTE hair. love it. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

Shalyn said...

Yay! I love it!!!!! Looks perfect on you! :) Love you too goobie!

Kristie Was Here said...

Gorgeous camera bag?! Um, hella yes!! AMAZING.

L said...

Great post. It's crazy how much you look like one of my good friends! You've got a new follower!


Shalyn said...

You look stunning in that romper- I love everything about your outfit! Even the bruises- gives you charactor, ha!

I didn't know you lived in Spokane- I am from Vancouver and miss WA SOOOOOOO much!

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