Mermaid Eyes

When it comes to make up, I usually stick to pretty neutral colors. I have olive skin due to my middle-eastern heritage, so a lot of colors look silly (At least in my opinion). In a fit of boredom, I went by MAC the other day and picked up this liner:

(Surf, Baby in Blue Noon)

In another fit of boredom, I layered it with a similar toned shadow and paired it with a pinky-peach lipgloss. Here is the Final Product:


(You know I have to throw crazy face in here!)


I was surprised at how it brought out the green in my eyes! I wore this makeup to work and got all sorts of compliments. One to the tune of "You look like a beach angel!" Maybe I need to experiment more often?

What is your go-to make up routine? Do you experiment with colors?
Want to see more make up looks?
Lemme know!

Enjoy your weekend, my lovelies!


Young and Fabulous said...

Hello Ariel ak Sabrina

i think this looks AMAZING on you! im so jealous of your eyes

i pretty much have 2 makeup routines

1) everyday look
2) show stopper look for DA CLUB

i think you should do more makeup looks because I was a fan of that video you did! also because i like the song you chose. And these are the guidelines on how to get FRESH!


Anonymous said...

i think thi9s looks lovely =)

more make-up looks? yes please ^_^


ashleigh said...

i love it!
it looks so good with your green eyes;
i love throwing some color in there for a pop!
my fav is purple and metallic blue;
and if you dont use too much any color seems to look good =]
love it girl

Torrie said...

This looks fantastic! I have tried going without shadow and putting a colored liner on my waterline to bring out my eyes, but that's about as adventurous as I get. I want to buy this liner now, it makes your eyes look gorgeous!

Shay said...

Oooohh la la LOVE it! I wish I could figure something out for my eyes!

Sara L. said...

Loving the blue!
I love when people have eyes that can multiple colors depending on how you look at them. Mine are just boring dark brown.

californiadreamin said...

Looks gorgeous!

Whim Wham Life said...

Such a mermaid babe! Let's go to the beach and collect seashells and eat clam chowder, asap! xoxo

Might as well, can't dance... said...

It looks great! Pinterest has some great eye makeup photos. Some over the top, some awesome! Purples a burgundy make green eyes POP, as well!

So shay said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHH So stinkin' pretty!!!

It looks lovely on you! You can experiment with my make-up soon! ;)

And yes, please please more make up posts! You are too pretty my lil Sabrinarina!

jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

You look gorgeous!! :)

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