I Pink I Love You

(Blazer-Gap, Shorts and Tank- AE, Necklace, ring and sunnies- F21, Shoes- Seychelles 'Hawk' Nordstrom Rack)
Can you spot the beer can?

I think this may be my most favorite outfit. I don't usually play favorites, but I think I really got it right with this one. I got this baggy blazer at The Gap for $12, but I haven't had the opportunity to wear it. I don't usually wear pink. I would definitely consider myself "girly" but pink just isn't in my wardrobe. But the mix of this blazer, HUGE jewels, and crisp white really just made me all giddy!



Like the sweet scar on my knee? Yeah... I'm a badd ass :)





Kate said...

I pink I love this outfit! So cute. And great photos! Are you taking these yourself!?

Gentri said...

Love this outfit!! I almost got that blazer but it wasn't $12 when I saw it!

Anonymous said...

So um, in case no one has told you yet, you are freaking adorable. And I love that outfit! :)

missijay said...

absolutely love the shoes.

Anonymous said...

well, first off- love the blazer! and you can't beat $12. secondly, i love that ring! sooo cute :-)

Anonymous said...

hello. i am in LOVE with this outfit? want to be my personal stylist? mkay:)


Lauren said...

You're SO pretty! I love your outfit!!! :)

Chelsea said...

You look gorgeous, as always! I loooove that necklace! I consider myself girly too but don't think I have any pink in my wardrobe at all anymore :)

Gina said...

AMAZING outfit! I love how you paired your accessories. And the pink blazer is so pretty! And your shoes, too!

Hope you have a good week!

xo, gina

Hollie Ann said...

oooooo sabrina! i like the blazer with that necklace!

So shay said...

Gorgeoussssssssss!!!!!!!!! I wore an outfit similar to this the other day but I didn't look near as pretty as youuuu! :)

Kristal said...

GORGEOUS!!! I love this, head to toe. I may just re-create in my own way. SO inspiring! Love your blog, I'm your newest follower!


Bad Joan said...

You are so adorable! Love this look! That ring and necklace are fantastic!


JET @ Moscato Villa said...

This is something I would totally wear! I love this look. Well done! xo-Jet @ MoscatoVilla.blogspot

Young and Fabulous said...

GoOoOoOoOoRgeaous!!!! i love this outfit. it is so fun and pink and princessy

stop bein so damn cute!


Beth said...

stumbled upon your blog from erica at Young and Fabulous. you are gorge and i'm super jealous of this oufit. i wish i had just an inch of style pizazz that you do.

PorkStar said...

Looking nice as always. For some reason there seems to be some musical ambiance to your pictures, which by the way, reminds me of the lack of musical compositions as of late around here. Hmmmm :P

Dana Fox said...

ummm i kind of really love this whole outfit too!! it's fabulous, like you!
xo dana
p.s. hi from your newest follower!

Amanda said...

Wow - super cute outfit! I'm kinda jealous you scored that blazer for $12 - I love when stuff like that happens. P.s. your hair is killer - I want.


Unknown said...

What a beautiful and great outfit! I love the blush colored jacket and those denim shorts are perfect! I tend to sway towards dark colored denim and love these.

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