Cali: Day 2

This blog may contain content that is not suitable for baby ears. If this is you, or anyone around please put on earmuffs. And eye muffs, for that matter. Here we go.

We started off ambitious. We had big plans to ride bikes from bar to bar, see the sights, jump in the ocean, then go to a BBQ. Well we didn't end up jumping in the ocean, but we did make it to a lot of bars. 

We hopped on our bikes and headed to Woody's for a Champagne Brunch. And when I say Champagne I mean UNLIMITED champagne! Apparently they cut you off after two hrs, but that wasn't an issue for us. Our server would walk over and top us off any time he saw our glass slightly less than full. It was magical. 

Me and Betsy

I had a steak burrito with avocado. I could have died right there and been happy. Goodness it was delish!

Check out this video. I don't think the champagne kicked in yet. 

Next we headed to my most FAVORITE bar, Mutt Lynch's. Seriously SO fun! They have big schooners of beer, of course I needed one two and a half. Which, in turn, made me dance on a table. It was the beer's fault, not mine. Of course I rapped "Gold Digger." For anyone who knows me, that is my go-to karaoke song. So when it came on in the bar, I felt compelled to get my gangster on. 


As promised, here is one of the pictures after I fell off my bike. Betsy is a bitch. She really is... She kept leading me off the boardwalk and into the sand! Rude. 

We proceded to ride/crash our bikes to this other bar Blackies and that's where I Blackie'd out. Get it? 
Hmmm someone can't hold their adult beverages.

Next was Cabo Cantina, where I fell asleep sitting up and the bounces politely asked me to take a nap somewhere else. I obliged. 

I chose a gazebo on the lawn. 

We left the bikes and walked to the BBQ. Probably the best choice we made all day!
At the BBQ I B-lined to a bed and took my nap. (Which ended up being close to 5 hours)
When I woke up I was ready for round two!

Well round two consisted of cutting a Birthday cake (I don't know why they asked me to do it) and lighting off fireworks. Over all, it was an amazing day!

On our way home we hit up a 7-11 and cleaned them out of chips and candy. I'm not sure the lady was so amused...


Young and Fabulous said...

and this is why we would make the bestest bff's ever

dancing on tables and rapping karaoke? AMAZING!

this vaca sounds beyond awesome and its only part 2


Kelly said...

Cute bike :) and great outfit! I love the shirt!

Claudia Fabiana said...

Interesting...all those places sound vaguely familiar! Pretty typical for summer in Newport, I guess!?!? Glad you're having fun!

ciao from Newport Beach

ashleigh said...

sounds like my kinda day =]

Torrie said...

Love your blog! Your vacation story recap is hysterical, too!

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