Texture Tutorial

I've had some questions about how to use textures. Here is a little tutorial on how I use them! I downloaded the textures from Brusheezy.com. Here ya go:

Choose any picture you want.

Adjust the levels and increase the amount of black just to give it a little extra pop.
Choose a texture. I really like this vintage one.
Adjust the texture to  fit over the picture.

Duplicate your original picture and put the vintage texture inbetween the two layers.

Adjust the blending mode on the texture layer to MULTIPLY and the opacity to 40-70% (whatever you think looks best)

Also adjust the opacity on the top layer
            *** play around with opacity and blending modes. I also like to use soft light or overlay.

Select the texture layer. Choose the eraser and erase the texture from the skin and anything else you want to stand out.

I added another layer just for fun. Exclusion at 48%

It’s all about playing around until you get something that you like. I like photos that have a little bit of texture to them. I think it gives them a little bit of flavor. Let me know if this was helpful!


Hollie Ann said...

Great post!!

Gina said...

Thanks for this tutorial! This is really cool! I think I might have to try it out sometime :)

xo, gina

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

omg! I can't wait to try this as soon as I get home. You are awesome!

Kate said...

very cool! I'm definitely gonna try this. I'm trying to do some more fun stuff with my photos. Wish me luck!

Amy said...

Turned out sooo pretty! Love it! And I'm a new follower. I like it here :)

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